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The in5 Innovation Hub is an environment that supports entrepreneurship and cultivates the development of the ICT and digital media start-up ecosystem in Dubai. Supporting entrepreneurs from the early stage idea creation, through implementation, right up to the commercial launch of the product or service, in5 offers five key benefits:

Set-up Framework

The in5 hub will assist you with establishing your business within the TECOM Freezone, including trade operating licence, visa applications and office space.


in5 offers access to seminars and workshops, organised with industry experts and specialists, on topics related to business, technology and entrepreneurship.


The hub will offer access to a range of SME networking events, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas and share knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the in5 programme.

Access to Funding

in5 will give you exposure to attract investment from angel investors and venture capitalists.


The programme gives access to a pool of mentors, who offer their expertise to give advice on a range of topics, such as HR, marketing, sales, project management, strategy and leadership.

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in5 application criteria

In5 is targeted at entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative ideas in information and communication technologies, who are looking to create a thriving business concern.

Wide range of projects considered

Projects not based on technology innovation may still be considered.

Open to small teams

Ideally, start-ups should have three or four members.

No nationality restrictions

The in5 programme is open to submission from all nationalities

ICT Industry Development

in5 is open for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sectors, e.g. social media, web development, smartphone/tablet applications, and digital media.

Any stage development considered

The programme is open to innovative ideas at any stage of
development from an initial concept to an established start-up stage.

The Process

The in5 programme lasts for three months and aims to help you establish your company in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Selected start-ups will be registered under in5’s licence and hosted in the in5 Innovation Hub, in Dubai Internet City. The Hub will facilitate mentoring, training and coaching by a network of industry experts to help you accomplish prototyping and development of your business. The in5 programme follows five steps:

Submission of application

Click here to complete the application form.

Selection of start-ups

Applications will be screened by a panel, using a five point scale, with a focus on identifying start-ups who will add value to the UAE’s ICT industry.

Idea development

During the programme members will develop their ideas and accomplish prototyping and business development.

Investor day

Members will present their ideas to a steering committee and investors to help develop funding opportunities.

Evaluation phase

After three months, members’ progress will be evaluated by in5 to assess possible extension of the programme and provide advice on how to proceed with the continued development of their project.

How to apply

If you are a team of technology entrepreneurs and are interested in being part of this exciting new innovation hub, click here to complete and submit the online application and we will get in touch with you. For additional information please check our FAQs or contact us at info@infive.ae

The in5 hub

The in5 hub has been created to provide an interactive, dynamic and engaging atmosphere to help cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs in Dubai.


Please click here for your answers to commonly asked questions about in5. The subsidized rates for the in5 License, Visa and Office space will be communicated upon confirmation of the selection process of in5.


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