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The in5 innovation centre is an ecosystem specifically designed to get great ideas in ICT and digital media off the ground. We help entrepreneurs take good ideas all the way to market successes. We get involved early in the process of idea creation and feasibility testing. We then work with you through licensing and implementation – right up to commercial launch. We enable our technopreneurs and creators in 5 key ways:

Setting up:

We assist with the regulatory mechanisms, licensing and company formation so you can focus on creating amazing ICT products and services.


New businesses need all the market insights they can get. Our free to attend programme of seminars and workshops keeps your skills sharp and knowledge current by letting you learn from a roster of industry experts and sector specialists.


Startups need support. That’s why our networking programme puts you in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs in the in5 community who are facing similar challenges to yours, so you can exchange ideas and help each other succeed.


We understand that funding can be a major bottleneck for small businesses. That’s why we give you a powerful platform to make successful pitches to angel investors and venture capitalists.


The programme gives access to a pool of mentors, who offer their expertise to give advice on a range of topics, such as HR, marketing, sales, project management, strategy and leadership.

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Company List

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Allababidi Tech FZ-LLC Altibbi FZ-LLC Ana Ventures FZ-LLC Anghami FZ-LLC Asafeer Education Technologies FZ-LLC Booklava Ventures FZ-LLC

in5 application criteria

In5 is targeted at entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative ideas in information and communication technologies, who are looking to create a thriving business concern.

in5 is inclusive

in5 wants the most diverse possible community and the widest array of ideas within its ecosystem. That’s why we’ve made it easy for a very wide array of technopreneurs to access us.

Out of box ideas

We love great ideas, even if they’re not entirely technologically driven. You can apply even if your project isn’t entirely digital or ICT-centric.

Teams are powerful

We don’t need you to be a big busy organisation but we do like seeing people work in teams. A small team of three or four technopreneurs can make amazing things happen.

International talent

It doesn’t matter which country you hail from, or where you belong. If you live in the UAE and have a great idea, we want to hear from you, nationality no bar.

The Process

The in5 programme is specifically designed to get great results in the least amount of time. Your intensive incubation will last 6 months, and will help you get your idea to a working market proposition. The first thing to do is apply! Here are the steps your application will take:

Submission of application

Click here to complete the application form.

Selection of start-ups

We receive so many good ideas that we have to pick and choose. This is always done by a panel, on a five-point scale. It’s worth remembering that we prioritise startups that will add an extra boost to the UAE’s tech and ICT industry.

Idea development

Congratulations! You’re in. And the first step is to take the bones of your idea and develop it into a robust framework for success. We use tools like prototyping and testing to help you on your way.

Investor day

The moment you’ve been preparing for! We put you in front of interested angel investors and venture capitalists with the best possible pitch so you can raise the funds you need.

Evaluation phase

Once the 3 months are up, it’s time to evaluate our progress together, and see how we can take things further. Highly promising projects might qualify for an extension.

How to apply

If you’re a team of entrepreneurs with an amazing idea, we want to hear from you. Our application process is straightforward and intuitive so you can start benefiting from the in5 environment as soon as possible.

Click here to complete a one-page application form or head to our FAQs for more information. For queries, get in touch at

The centre

in5 innovation centre has been created to provide an interactive, dynamic and engaging atmosphere to help cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs in the UAE.


Have a question? Our FAQs will help. For further queries, drop us an email at or look at other ways you can contact us .

Please note that your subsidised rates for the in5 license, visa and office space will be confirmed once you’re selected.


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