in5 supports innovative, active, and engaged startups with subsidized pricing up as follows. After the incubation period at in5 Innovation Center, in5 offer lease options for startups to relocate at various Free Zone locations. A startup team of over 4-members, are termed as Graduates and are provided an independent office options at TECOM Buildings for a subsidized rate. Terms and conditions are applicable to extend the subsidized cost and approval is subject to in5 management decision.

in5 Subsidized Pricing (AED.) Year-1 Year-2 Year-3
License* 1,000 1,000 1,000
Co-working Desks: 12,000 15,000 18,000
Dedicated Office 30,000 35,000 40,000
Visa/Person (Out of Country) ** 1,500
Visa/Person (In-Country) **  3,130
Access To:
Business setup (trade license, visas and office space)
Community Events & Workshops

*A full license fee of AED.15,000 is applicable after three years

**Visa Validity is three years.  The subsidized pricing is applicable up to four visas.

in5 Membership is a platform that gives designers, entrepreneurs and professionals of all design, tech and media disciplines and career levels access to a comprehensive suite of benefits for promotion, talent development, business support in addition to workspace, facilities and equipment.

Workshops & Talks

Business Support

Showcasing & Competitions


Facilities & Equipment

Networking & Social Events

You’re a current university student enrolled in a design, tech, or media-related programme.


General Membership
You are an entrepreneur or a professional in the design, tech and media industry.
1500 2500
6 Months 12 Months


Our 3 Innovation Centers

An ecosystem specially designed to get great ideas off the ground.


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#EidAdha Mubarak. May this special day bring peace and happiness to you and your family.

كل عام وأنتم بألف خير بمناسبة #عيد_الأضحى_المبارك وعساكم من عواده.
Congrats to Alumni Startup Desert Control for winning the Green Award for Innovation at Greentech Festival in Berlin. Desert Control was recognized at the Greentech Festival for their technology innovation – Liquid Nano Clay & reverse desertification & soil degradation. ...
نهنئ "ديزرت كنترول" لفوزها بجائزة "غرين آورد" للإبداع في مهرجان Greentech "غرينتك" في برلين، نظرا لابتكارها "نانوكلاي" الذي يسهم بالحد من التصحر ووقف تدهور التربة
That’s a wrap—congratulations to all the winners of The Leaders in Foodtech Awards 2021! Thanks for the support of our allies @lifeonscreenHQ, @in5dubai, @hotelnewsME and @ShieldmeGlobal! #FoodtechAwardsME
Built as an end-to-end platform for delivery-centric restaurants and #cloudkitchens, @grubtech is an @in5dubai startup with operations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan--and it's now aiming to expand into the Asia-Pacific region and Europe:
.@iamkatieovery kicks off the Leaders in Foodtech Awards 2021! The #FoodtechAwardsME 2021 is supported by @lifeonscreenHQ, @in5dubai, @hotelnewsME and @ShieldmeGlobal. Stay tuned as we celebrate MENA's foodtech sector!
#GX Customer Councils presents "Learnings in Digital Experiences in the New Normal: Are Governments Ready?" in a special session hosted at #EYWavespace.
@egsep @saeed_alnofeli @qmatic @t4rek @RaghuramanKapil @Chetanc
Due Diligence, Digitized: #in5dubai startup Diligend Is Working Towards Simplifying Decision-Making For Investors Through Its Centralized Platform. Read more
Congrats to #in5Dubai startup Desert Control for launching commercial rollout of liquid natural clay (LNC) – an innovation that turns deserts into fertile land. The agri-tech firm has also joined our growing alumni network. Read more:
كل كلمة تستخدم تعبّر إلى حد ما عن شخصية قائلها. لذا، قد يؤثر الاستخدام المتكرر للأفعال الضعيفة سلباً على تصور الآخرين لكم. إليكم قائمة بالأفعال التي يجب تجنبها وتلك التي يجب استخدامها عوضاً عنها.
Every word you use expresses your personality. Overusing weak verbs in the day-to-day may negatively impact others’ perception of you, which could be a deciding factor in the success or failure of a startup. Here’s a list of verbs to ...
ليس من الضروري أن تكون فكرتكم جديدة تماماً وغير مألوفة لتكون ناجحة، حيث تعتبر المنافسة في قطاع مزدهر وقوي أسهل من تأسيس قطاع جديد كلياً. إليكم كيفية تحقيق النجاح في القطاعات المزدهرة.
Your idea doesn’t need to be completely original and unheard of to be successful! Working to capture market share where strong demand already exists can prove to be easier than creating a market from scratch. Here’s how you can find ...
#EidFitr Mubarak. May this blessed day bring peace and happiness to you and your family.

#EidMubarak #EidAlFitr

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