5 Key Benefits for Start-ups


    We will help you set-up your business within the TECOM Freezone.

    We have a pool of mentors ready to offer advice on marketing, strategy, and a host of other topics.

    At in5 you will have access to seminars and workshops organised with industry experts.

    You can exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs hosted by in5, as well as access a variety of networking events.

    Introduction to angel investors and venture capitalists to help you attract investment for your business.

Our 3 Innovation Centers

An ecosystem specially designed to get great ideas off the ground.


Latest in5 news updates.
  • JULY 17, 2017
    Guiddoo Featured as Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week

    Vineet Budki and Nidhi Varma, founders of in5 startup, Guiddoo, present their Social Startupz initiative as part of Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week. 

  • JULY 16, 2017
    Elemental Software grows as a Startup

    in5 start up and female tech founders, Elemental Software, which has developed an award winning social prescribing digital platform that connects patients, health and social care professionals and community health & wellness providers, announced today that it has raised Dhs1.4m with the help of ClearlySo, Europe’s leading impact investment bank. Elemental is using the capital to further develop its software that supports and empowers lifestyle change for communities most at risk, make key staff hires, and expand marketing reach.

  • JUNE 19, 2017

    If you have a business idea, go and implement it!

    Don´t wait too much to launch it, the first step is to

    do, not to keep the idea in a box.”

    Stefania Brunori, Founder.


Check the latest Social Media posts about In5


Check the latest Social Media posts about in5.
Our #MemberMonday shoutout goes to Money Nanny, recently featured on @khaleejtimes. Read more here: https://t.co/DI7IHWKKFo
How can you #startIN with the #in5dubai ecosystem that is #EnablingInnovation ? You can join the community through our five-stage process! https://t.co/JxNRunqZRN
How can you #startin with the #in5dubai ecosystem that is #enablinginnovation and helping #startups achieve rapid growth?
At #in5, we support fresh #ideas so that Dubai-based startups could take on the #global #economy. Aspiring #entrepreneurs, #students and professionals are always ...
By starting up at #in5 , aspiring #entrepreneurs are choosing a #community that is #enablinginnovation.

Today we shout out our member @fittpass – a fitness #tech startup, that eases your gym routine. #fittpass recently got featured in @entmagazineme for their ...
Shout out to #in5 member @fittpass for getting featured in @EntMagazineME ! Full article here: https://t.co/TebuzXeMUB
Presented by @arauser - CEO @prototype_ae , our digital strategy workshop today helped #entrepreneurs navigate a complex digital landscape https://t.co/ZU6zUlxTMI
Our digital #strategy workshop today at #in5dubai helped #businesses and #entrepreneurs navigate through the ever-changing #digital landscape!

The #session was presented by digital #media expert and @Prototype_ae founder @alexanderrauser – where he informed attendees about how they can assess current ...
According to @MAGNITT_MENA , startups based in #UAE represent 60% of top 10 enterprise acquisitions in the region. https://t.co/GdIP5KKBat https://t.co/HJkfByvklH
The #uae is a nation ahead of regional peers when it comes to its #entrepreneurship culture.
#startups based in the #emirates represent 60% of the top 10 #enterprise #acquisitions in the region, according to a recent @Magnitt study. #dubai #mydubai ...
It is no surprise that the #UAE is the regional leader in #fintech entrepreneurship! Report by @PayFort & @WamdaME : https://t.co/ZIv2LOkVqf https://t.co/RbtZpvZB6Z
It is no surprise that the #uae is the regional leader when it comes to #fintech #entrepreneurship and technological #innovation.

With the exponential growth of the #digital #economy so far, the potential for fintech is limitless. ‘State of Fintech’ #report ...
Today, #in5 hosted experts from @SAPMENA to run a strategic market initiative & support technology entrepreneurs! #EnablingInnovation https://t.co/Wejn76B6PK
Last day of Fast Forward Camp: #in5 is excited to help future generations envision ideas & make entrepreneurial plans to bring them to life https://t.co/8GxqkI2iEp
#in5 is host to MindCloud Academy’s Entrepreneurship Business Program, an empowering startup journey. Tune in to @in5dubai IG for updates https://t.co/jGXKNX6Xcv
Today's #hackathon saw a series of highly experienced speakers that we were proud to host. Stay tuned on our website for future events! #in5 https://t.co/fbyarLY4rR

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