5 Key Benefits for Start-ups


    We will help you set-up your business within the TECOM Freezone.

    We have a pool of mentors ready to offer advice on marketing, strategy, and a host of other topics.

    At in5 you will have access to seminars and workshops organised with industry experts.

    You can exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs hosted by in5, as well as access a variety of networking events.

    Introduction to angel investors and venture capitalists to help you attract investment for your business.

Our 3 Innovation Centers

An ecosystem specially designed to get great ideas off the ground.


Latest in5 news updates.
  • AUGUST 5, 2017
    Thea Myhrvold featured in Khaleej Times

    Thea Myhrvold, founder of in5 based startup TeachMeNow, talks to Khaleej Times about her startup journey and what led her to develop a highly successful, global online learning platform. Harnessing the power of technology, TeachMeNow delivers knowledge across more than 100 subjects to student around the world, bringing together educators, students and tutors in an easily accessible online environment.

  • AUGUST 1, 2017
    Winner of Mind Cloud receives a 3-Month Membership at in5

    Sagarika Khalkho is announced as the winner of a 5-week intensive Academy Entrepreneurship programme by Mind Cloud as well as a 3-month membership at in5.

  • JULY 17, 2017
    Guiddoo Featured as Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week

    Vineet Budki and Nidhi Varma, founders of in5 startup, Guiddoo, present their Social Startupz initiative as part of Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week. 


Check the latest Social Media posts about In5


Check the latest Social Media posts about in5.
#in5Dubai hosted the second @Shopify Conference with @creative971 today, providing participants expert insight into e-commerce and e-retail! https://t.co/EUUMaCsOdy
#MemberMonday shout out to @DerqAI, whose road safety solutions were recently featured in @khaleejtimes! More: https://t.co/4X5dd2mBCf https://t.co/sTTzoeSeE3
This startup is exploring the intersection between tech, art and design. Inspiration for the #design community! https://t.co/o089MF9rOr
#StartInSunday shoutout to In The Loop, a mobile app that connects businesses and customers! Watch founder Jessica Barlow explain it below. https://t.co/nA3gAeIc7F
Forward-thinking Dubai prepares for a radically different workplace, and that’s great news for #tech startups. https://t.co/gnhWyjFtXU
#Entrepreneurship thrives in cultures where ruthless business traits are highly admired: https://t.co/w3qn1TvIAH @Bloomberg https://t.co/jRwfo0AmIw
Feeling demotivated by business disappointment? Here are 6 secrets to put any entrepreneurial failure into context: https://t.co/XbNzrDhNit https://t.co/HILzi76YGT
In5 Dubai wishes you, your family and friends a blessed new Islamic year. #HijriYear https://t.co/f9gERcX9cG
@creative971, the #UAE's leading Shopify experts, are hosting the 2nd Shopify Conference at #in5Tech on Sep 25! https://t.co/FfzJQu8KDd https://t.co/vVZJdOkEKO
According to @Gartner_inc, chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020! https://t.co/Jn4oHwyuZv #WisdomWednesday https://t.co/MnsivHYakh
A growing number of #startups are focusing on #BuildTech - read this article to know more: https://t.co/gwQQIzepql @Forbes https://t.co/J4Bagb3d8P
Starting out in the media industry? #Media entrepreneurs should check these tech tips from a top @nytimes journalist https://t.co/X6M4CV3I2G
This social media campaign boosted sales and online traffic, and is a great case study for any #in5 #media startups. https://t.co/6aIbwKKt4n
#Cybercrime is rising, but this article by @businessinsider will tell you how best to protect your organisation: https://t.co/AWL5QFjYIy https://t.co/h8rEhtRbWG
Today’s #StartIn Sunday shoutout goes to @SocialdiceME, an innovative #hiring solution that makes #recruitment easier and more efficient! https://t.co/g2pXhaPWAb

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