Startup FAQs


What is in5?

in5, an integrated innovation platform, launched by TECOM Group has created within Dubai a distinctive and well-rounded ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be incubated and nurtured to their next phase of growth.


What does in5 do?

in5 provides Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Corporates and Students from Technology, Media and Design disciplines, an access to a comprehensive suite of benefits. in5 offers access to state-of the art and specialized facilities, dynamic and creative environment and sessions that allows for the development of innovative ideas.


Does in5 take equity in startup business?

No. in5 does not take any stakes in the startup venture.


Is in5 open to only UAE nationals?

No, the in5 program is open to submission from all nationalities.


Will in5 provide funding?
in5 attracts investors to review profiles of its startups and facilitates introductions. The investments/funding is negotiated directly between the startups and the investors and will be subject to mutual agreement between startups and investors’ terms, conditions, criteria, and selection.


What if we have already been working on our start-up for a while? Is in5 appropriate for us?

Applications from a licensed/registered company from any jurisdiction are evaluated under the following aspects:


What type of license is issued to approved applicants?


What does the Program expect from its approved startups?

The in5 program expects you to contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through success of your startup.

Submit to in5 every six (6) months, a report, accurately stating all progress, achievements, funding acquired, job creations, major customers, and other such data or information that reflect impact of in5 startup program on the ecosystem.

Acknowledgment in5 in your publications, interviews, and talks in the form “Special Thanks – In5”.


Will you accept to host start-ups teams working on a similar idea?



Can we be accepted in the program and get my visa rejected?

Yes. The application for the visa follows standard Federal Government procedures.


How should the applications be submitted?

Submissions may be done online at