in5 Blockchain Challenge - Hackathon
  • Sep 27-28, 2019
  • 10am-5pm (next day)
  • in5 Tech, Dubai Internet City

Terms and Conditions

  1. The in5 Blockchain Challenge Hackathon (the Hackathon)

    1. Participants  will work in teams and create prototypes to address a specific challenge faced in the enterprise world, using the innovative Blockchain based technology.
    2. Prior to the hackathon from Sep 27 & 28, there will be an event with a live webinar which is mandatory to attend on September 18th, 2019 from 3 pm – 5 pm at in5 Tech, Dubai Internet City.
    3. At the pre-hackathon event with the webinar and at the start of the Hackathon, Oracle and Partners will present a practical problem which they think could be (partly) solved by using blockchain & AI technology .
    4. A Team of Participants will provide the Partner/ Oracle who introduced the problem with possible solutions for his practical problem by using blockchain at the end of the Hackathon. Software will be provided by Oracle and can be used by the Teams. The solutions shall be judged by the Jury. The Jury will unilaterally decide which Team(s) provided the best solution.
    5. What is the criteria for judging the winning solution ?
      A solution provided by a Team should be conceptually original, non-existent and new and should be able to be implemented according to common and regular measures. The solution needs to be functional, in order to be judged by the Jury. Specific criteria may be provided on the day of the event.  
    6. The Hackathon will last 2 days. The Hackathon is a closed event. No other persons or organizations than the Participants and Partners may join or visit the Hackathon, unless in5 provides permission thereto.
    7. The Participants and Partners can endeavor to further develop the solutions after the Hackathon. During 3 months after the Hackathon, the winning Team(s) shall decide jointly and in consultation with Oracle and the respective Partner who introduced the challenge whether it is possible to actually apply the solution or whether it is possible to scale it up. 
    8. The winning Teams can present their solution at showcase conferences during the Post-hack when Oracle invites them to do.

    1. A Team consists of at least 3 people with a maximum of 5 (a ‘Team’).
    2. Participants of the Hackathon can subscribe as a Team and is only open for individuals who are at least eighteen years old. Switching teams or participation in multiple teams is not allowed.
    3. Teams must sign up before or on September 11th, 2019.
    4. Maximum (10) Teams can participate in the Hackathon. Subscription of a Team does not in itself represent a confirmation for participation. In5 will inform the selected teams by e-mail. The selection criteria are at the sole discretion of in5 & Oracle.
    5. In5 is allowed to exclude Participants from (further) participation when, according to – and to the sole discretion of – in5 and Oracle, Participants do not act in accordance with the Participants Conditions and/or when Participants adversely affect the Hackathon or behave in an unseemly manner or display disturbing behavior.
    6. Each Participant must supply his/her own laptop to participate.

    1. The jury consists of employees of the Partners, complemented by experts in the field of blockchain (the ‘Jury’).
    2. In5 will take care of the secretariat of the Jury.
    3. The selection of the winning Team will be at the sole direction of the Jury.
    4. The conclusion of the Jury is irrevocable and not open to objection or appeal.

    1. A reward will be given to three winning teams and will consist of prizes from both in5 and Oracle combined.

    1. The Participant declares to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    2. Each Participant guarantees, by signing up, that he/she (together with the Team) is the creator of the solution and that the solution does not breach any intellectual property rights of third parties.

    1. Participant is given access to Oracle software including datasets and API’s (‘Application Programming Interfaces’ or ‘API’ means technology, which may include object code, software libraries, software tools, sample source code, published specifications and documentation) of the relevant Partners (the ‘Software’). Oracle grants Participants the non-assignable, non-sub licensable and non-exclusive right to use the Software, exclusively and only for the purpose and duration of the Hackathon. Partners may have individual general conditions for the use of the Software. Partners are allowed to impose those and other (additional) conditions for the use of the Software, which conditions will prevail over these Participants Conditions in case of contradiction.
    2. The intellectual property rights of the Software (from Oracle) belongs to Oracle at all times. Access to the Software shall not grant a Participant any intellectual property right regarding the Software.
    3. The Software shall only be used by Participant(s) for the development of a solution during the Hackathon and shall not be shared with or provided to any third party. After the Hackathon, Participants are prohibited to use, copy, open, or share – in any way – the Software with third parties, unless this third party has signed a separate written agreement in which the Partner who is the owner of the Software that the Participants want to use, gives permission to the Participant to use the Software.
    4. Each Participant is individually responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the Software it is using during the Hackathon.
    5. Participant will inform, without any delay, the relevant Partner of any loss or unauthorized use of the Software including any breach of these Participants Conditions.
    6. Software containing anonymous and/or traceable data to individual persons/organisations is not allowed to be combined with other Software in such a way that it may lead – directly or indirectly – to identification of one or more individual persons or organisations.

    1. The intellectual property rights based on the solution, developed by a Participant or its Team during the Hackathon, stays with the Team (all Participants in the team combined) and not with any Participant individually, except when a team is fully delegated by an employer, in which case the intellectual property rights will accrue to the employer, except when the employer and employee have made other arrangements.

    1. Every Participant grants in5 & Oracle free permission to disclose (copies of) images (including but not limited to photographs/pictures, presentations, live web streaming and or audio and video recording) with his/her portrait, including but not limited to marketing purposes, which are taken or commissioned by in5 during the Hackathon.

    1. In5 is not liable for any loss, theft, damage to goods, sickness, injury or death of a Participant, Partner, visitor, nor for not functioning or damage to the Software nor the solutions.
    2. In5 is not responsible nor liable for improper use or abuse of the Software provided by Oracle and as mentioned on the website of in5.