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Main Production Studio

in5 Media

Location: in5 Media
Brief Description

Main Production Studio is a complement to the Mini Production Studio, offering a larger space to shoot film scenes, conduct interviews for live stream or create product videos. The studio is fitted with industry standard soundproof walls and other equipment required for production purposes.  Additional equipment and props can be booked or brought from outside.


Due to Covid-19, 2M social distancing must always be maintained.

All attendees will compulsorily undergo temperature check upon arrival at the building.

  • Dimensions: 9.7 M X 11.5 M Sq ft
  • Max Capacity: 20
  • Equipment:

    Fixed Equipment (Available in the room)

    -       Ledgo LG-D1200M Lights.(Power : 120W)

    -       Ledgo LG-D4500M Lights.(Power : 450W)

    -       Ledgo LG-D3000M Lights.(Power : 300W)

    -       KinoFlo Gaffer Kit (230VAC)

    -       KinoFlo Interview Kit ( 230VAC)

Please note that based on the above field, your invoice & receipt details will be addressed accordingly





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