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Meeting Room

in5 Tech

Location: in5 Tech
Brief Description

The Meeting Rooms at in5 Tech are ideal to brainstorm ideas, meet with potential investors or hold team meetings.  The room is fitted with the latest audio-visual devices.


Number of Rooms



2-Hours daily booking is free for startups and members.  



AED.25/Hour, Startups/Members

AED.50/Hour, Non-Members



Due to Covid-19, Wearing of Mask and 2M social distancing is mandatory



  • Dimensions: 3.30 M X 3.98 M Sq ft
  • Max Capacity: 4
  • Equipment:

    Fixed Equipment (Available in the room)

    • LG 44” UHD 4K Flat Smart TV KU7000 Series 7

    • 1 x HDMI Port

    • 1 x VGA Port

Member Booking General Booking
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