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Conference Hall 1 & 2

in5 Tech

Location: in5 Tech

The Conference Halls are ideal space for medium-to-large sized gatherings, workshops, training, or pitch sessions to potential clients and investors.


Each of the two Conference Halls are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and can be divided into two equal parts, each having its own AV system.  The two halls can be customized based on the setup requirement. 


Number of Halls




Conference Hall 1 or 2 :   860 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 10.14 M X 7.81 M

Conference Hall 1 & 2 : 1,720 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 10.14 M X 15.77 M


Pricing (1-Hall)

AED.100/Hour, Startups

AED.150/Hour, Members

AED.200/Hour, Non-Members


Pricing (2-Halls Combined)

AED.200/Hour, Startups

AED.300/Hour, Members

AED.400/Hour, Non-Members


Fixed equipment (Available in the room)

- 2 x Epson Projectors

- 4 x HDMI ports

- 2 x Wired Mic (RCF-MD7800)

- 2 x Handle wireless Mic (Audio-Technical)

- 2 x Lapel Mic

- 1 x Podium Mic


Note: Due to Covid-19, Wearing of Mask and 2M social distancing is mandatory

  • Dimensions: 10.14 M X 15.77 M Sq ft
  • Max Capacity: 30
Please note that based on the above field, your invoice & receipt details will be addressed accordingly