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Mini Production Studio

in5 Media

Location: in5 Media

Mini Production Studio is used to produce video content. The studio is fitted with industry standard soundproofed walls and lighting fixtures.  Additional lights, lenses and equipment from the list can be booked for a shoot.


Pricing inclusive of Equipment

AED.100/Hour, Startups

AED.150/Hour, Members

AED.200/Hour, Non-Members


Fixed Equipment (Available in the room)

-       Ledgo LG-D1200M Lights, Power 120W

-       Ledgo LG-D4500M Lights, Power 450W

-       Ledgo LG-D3000M Lights, Power 300W

-       KinoFlo Gaffer Kit 230VAC

-       KinoFlo Interview Kit 230VAC


Note: Due to Covid-19, Wearing of Mask and 2M social distancing is mandatory

  • Dimensions: 5.3 M X 7.8 M Sq ft
  • Max Capacity: 5
Please note that based on the above field, your invoice & receipt details will be addressed accordingly





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