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Training Room 1 & 2

in5 Media

Location: in5 Media
Brief Description

The Training Rooms at in5 Media are ideal for meetings, workshops or presentations. The training rooms can be divided into two equal parts, each having its own audio-visual system or combined system which is customized based on the setup requirements.

Number of Rooms




Training Room 1 or 2   : 300 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 5.8 M X 5.8 M

Training Room 1 & 2    : 600 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 11.6 M x 5.8 M


Due to Covid-19, 2M social distancing must always be maintained.

All attendees will compulsorily undergo temperature check upon arrival at the building.

  • Sq ft: 11.6 M X 5.8 M
  • Max Capacity: 20
  • Available Equipment:

    Fixed Equipment (Available in the room)

    -       2 x Samsung LED TV Monitor

    -       1 x HDMI Port

    -       1 x VGA Port

    -       1 x USB Port

  • Rate: 1

Training Room 1 or 2:

AED.600 Half Day Rate
AED.1,000 Full Day Rate 

Training Rooms 1 & 2:

AED.750 Half Day Rate
AED.1,250 Full Day Rate 

Members Rates:

Training Room 1 or 2:

AED.300 Half Day Rate
AED.500 Full Day Rate 

Training Rooms 1 & 2:

AED.400 Half Day Rate
AED.750 Full Day Rate 

Half Day = 4 Hours.  Full Day = 8 Hours.  Additional hours booking is charged at prorata basis.

Please note that based on the above field, your invoice & receipt details will be addressed accordingly





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