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Outdoor Area

in5 Design

Location: in5 Design
Brief Description

In5 Design offers versatile and flexible outdoor space for shoots, exhibits, corporate events, showcase and launch of vehicles and any other commercial products.  The outdoors space of 11,300 Sq.Ft. runs in between the container buildings and can host up to 300 people.  With surrounding skyline atmosphere and unique outdoor setting, in5 design outdoor space provides a one-of-a-kind event venue for various types of occasions. The outdoor area can be divided and used for smaller gatherings too.  Ample parking area around and across the location is available for visitor parking.

Outdoor Terrace Area                        : 3,526 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 14.62M X 26.82M

Outdoor Area outside Container 1-2    : 4,238 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 18.69M X 21.07M

Outdoor Area outside Container 4       : 1,536 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 9.75M X 14.64M

Outdoor Area outside Container 7-8    : 2,030 Sq.Ft. / Dimensions: 12.19M X 15.48M

  • Max Capacity: 255
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