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Material Experimental Swatch Workshop

When: 21 Apr 2018 11:00 am - 23 Apr 2018 8:00 pm
Location: in5 Design

Greetings from in5!

You are invited to join at an experimental MATERIALS workshop with the open objective of producing new and innovative swatches through exploring surface, structure, pattern and color.  

Participants will be asked to conduct a brief developmental research and with the materials, manipulations and techniques provided, combine them to form new and unconventional swatches which could have a variety of applications. Emphasis will be placed on exploring sustainable design and addressing pre and post-consumer waste.

This workshop is an exploration of unlimited materials with unrestrained applications. This is an opportunity to unleash full creative forces.  Participants will not be required to determine future applications of their new materials which will allow for full creativity.



Day 1 - Saturday 21st April from 11.00AM to 4.00PM

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Presentation on materials
  • Discussion on the importance of being materialistic
  • Overview of research methods and procedures
  • Experimentation and documentation


Day 2 - Sunday 22nd April from 5.30PM to 8.00PM

  • Work in progress presentation
  • Discussion and critique
  • Continued experimentation and documentation


Day 3 - Monday 23rd April from 5.30PM to 8.00PM

  • Finalizing swatches
  • Presentation preparation
  • Presentation and critique
  • The future of new materials


Seats are limited and will be confirmed on first-come-first-serve basis.  Admission Free.  RSVP Mandatory. 


Event Speaker(s)

Hernan Hoentsch
About Hernan Hoentsch

Hernan Hoentsch, French - Bolivian product designer trained in Barcelona. Passionate about design, photography and art. The ability of objects to communicate is why he chose to be a designer, and he believe that this communication is a powerful tool for self-expres­sion. One fundamental part of the creative process in design, engineer­ing, and art, is prototyping – going from an idea, to a drawing, to a physical object. That’s why in his career as a designer he spent endless hours in the shop building prototype, not only because he enjoy it but to better understand the materials, and in turn, better understand the industry. His vision of design is based on the elimination of all superfluous elements within his work, through attempting to streamline the process of creating, leaving an honest expression of materials, giving a sense of order and structure.

Maggie Jonk
About Maggie Jonk

Maggie Jonk is a designer, Middle Eastern Fashion researcher, sustainable design disciple and curation student. After completing a MA in Fashion at Ryerson University in Canada, she moved to Dubai.  Co-founder of OE-O, a multi-disciplinary design studio, her work focuses on the relationship between art and design, and how it manifests regionally.