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Meet the Artisans

When: 04 Dec 2018 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Meet The Artisans by Sougha

We would like to invite you for a casual coffee and light bites at in5 Design, to meet a group of highly talented Emirati Artisans from Sougha, who weave, stitch and embroider using traditional Emirati crafts. These are the following crafts they will be presenting;

  1. Sadu Craft
  2. Khous Craft
  3. Tali Craft
  4. Leather tanning

This will be a great opportunity to understand how to incorporate traditional crafts in your own designs, or to simply learn more about Emirati traditional crafts and the artisans who are behind it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

About Sougha

Sougha was launched as a social initiative by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development  (DFED) in 2009.

Sougha’s main objective is to shape the future of Emirati artisans, develop and market their products locally and globally by establishing an authentic Emirati brand and revitalizing the art of weaving across the UAE.

“Sougha” means "gift of the traveler" in the Emirati dialect, a gift the traveler presents to his family and friends upon his return from travel.

Sougha initiative aims at enabling artisans of all ages and help them practice Emirati heritage crafts and improve their skills and qualifications through specialized programs geared towards giving them the required expertise to enter the work market and to engage in handicraft activities that generate income, improve their living condition,s and open new markets and outlets to accommodate these products.

Sougha initiative is focused on reviving and developing traditional crafts while keeping their designs aligned with modern times to preserve Emirati heritage and provide effective marketing networks for the products. Sougha places priority on supporting and empowering women, the most important pillars of society and the backbone of family cohesion and unity.

Sougha aims to promote national identity, support the social development process witnessed by the UAE and emphasize commitment to efforts dedicated to achieving prosperity and enabling UAE citizens to improve their standard of living. Sougha plays an important role in stimulating creativity and honing the skills of artisans working in local handicrafts and heritage products.

Admission Free