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DAI Office Hours

When: 04 Dec 2018 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Greeting from in5!

You are invited to book a 1:1 meeting slot with Ali Abouelatta for advisory/mentorship.


Since the age of 13 Ali has been around technology, he started by participating a few FLL robotics competitions. Ali founded his first startup “Reef-Rover” in Sophomore year of University where it got featured on CNN, National Geographic, MBC and dozen other news outlets. While it was a cool piece of technology, the market for it was just not there! Since then Ali has shifted gears into the VC industry to understand all the pieces that need to fall together to make a successful startup. Ali is currently an Associate at Dubai Angel Investors where his work primarily involves sourcing and pre-screening deals for the DAI Investment Committee. Ali holds a Bs in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from New York University. His previous stints includes Magnitt, TwoFour54 (VC arm), Beco Capital & the UN.


Ali will help the startup with:-

  • Explaining DAI investment process and criteria. (What angle investors look for and how the investment deck is evaluated)
  • Prepare and review pitch deck
  • Go to Market Strategy and possibly providing BD support (through DAI network)
  • Access to the DAI pitch night and find the right DAI sponsor
  • Work with DAI portfolio companies
  • Discuss any tech trends and general guidelines and advisory

This session is exclusive for in5 members.