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Investment Advisory Session with Matt Hamilton

When: 14 Aug 2019 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

in5 members can book time to get support from Matt Hamilton in the format of one-to-one advisory on the subjects of Capital Markets | Fundraising | Cap Table Strategy | Investor Relations | M&A.


Matt Hamilton has spent the past 12 years building successful companies in multiple sectors globally. He has been directly responsible for raising in excess of USD$100m in funds via various mechanisms in his career. He currently serves as Managing Director at Loyyal where he is responsible for finance and governance globally as well as business development and operations in the MENA region.  Matt is also founder of Dubai-Based M3.0 Consulting where he provides consultancy in corporate finance, regulation, governance and digitization strategy. He holds a Graduate Degree in Finance and a B.Sc in Engineering.

Matt expertise are summarized here below:

  • Corporate Development - M&A, partnerships, business development, mechanism design
  • Distributed Systems - Enterprise applications, distributed business models, crypto economics
  • Digitization Strategy - Product strategy, competitive analysis, project management
  • Corporate Finance - Capital markets, fundraising, cap table strategy, investor relations

The mentorship/advisory sessions are exclusive to in5 Members only. 

Event Speaker(s)

Matt Hamilton
When: 14 Aug 2019 (10:00 am - 3:00 pm)
About Matt Hamilton

As a polymath and global citizen Matt has lived and worked in most continents in the world in various capacities. From 2006-2014 Mr. Hamilton worked primarily in financial markets in an investment banking, accounting, managerial and corporate communications capacity. During the two years beginning early 2014 Mr. Hamilton embarked on a sabbatical to experience a life-long goal of living in a foreign country. His travels brought him all over Central and South America, where he created a home base in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Living and creating businesses in the hemisphere's second poorest country, Matt learned to adapt to unknown and often chaotic circumstances in a short time frame. The experience has also allowed him time and space to focus intensive studies in probability, behavior, strategy and programming.