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Customer Journey Mapping: Step Into Your Customers Shoes - Workshop

When: 19 Oct 2019 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Customer Journey Mapping: Step Into Your Customers Shoes by EPIC Consulting

'Customer Centricity' is at the very heart of building and growing sustainable businesses in the 21st century with products, services and information readily available and accessible by customers who demand what they want, when they want it and how they want it. 'Customer Journey Mapping' is one of the fundamental enablers for customer centricity, and is the most powerful tool that helps organizations think 'Outside-In' from the customers' perspective(s, and help them understand what the customers experience.

So whether you are a startup trying to see how to best cater to the needs of your customers, a change agent looking to support organizations to become more customer focused, a marketing, sales or customer services professional trying to better understand your customer's needs, a digital transformations trying to come to terms with orchestrating a seamless omni-channel experience for your organizations customers, or simply a professional mandated to improve the customer experience in your organization, join EPIC Consulting for a fun, exciting and insightful 1 day workshop, 'Take a Walk in Your Customers Journey: Step into their Shoes’ to learn the basic process of Customer Journey Mapping.

In this workshop you will:

  1. Learn the basic customer journey mapping process, along with different best practices, through a hands-on workshop activities during the course of the day
  2. Complete a customer journey map with an outcome of how to improve the customer experience you have mapped
  3. Be introduced to a cloud based collaborative journey mapping tool essential if you want to introduce journey mapping in your organization
  4. Realize the significance of journey mapping to align cross functional silos in your organization on the one perspective that matters the most for your business, i.e. the customers
  5. Get introduced to Design Sprints Techniques – in the context of Lightening Decision Jams for identifying experience improvement opportunities
  6. Learn how to do journey mapping in your organization along with the critical success factors and key challenges

About Speaker:

Ghulam Husnain Ali, Managing Partner, EPIC Consulting

Amongst the first few Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) in the region, and a Chartered Accountant, with over 19 years of experience in professional services ranging across customer experience, business strategy, operations and technology consulting, financial audit, and technology audit and governance. Ghulam's broad-based experience has spanned across several industries ranging from cause-driven startups, real estate developers, retail, automobile distributors, banking, to healthcare, and energy and transportation players in the government sector. This experience has been across large, mid-sized and small organizations including startups. Ghulam has worked at premium organizations such as Ernst & Young and Deloitte Consulting among others before setting up his own customer experience firm EPIC in Dubai, UAE.

In recent years, Ghulam and his colleagues at EPIC Consulting have designed and conducted a variety of physical as well as online customer journey mapping (CJM) workshops and webinars. These workshops, and corporate webinars, have been designed for and conducted with audiences ranging from corporate teams, innovation, agile, design & UX community members in Europe, Africa Middle East and Asia, and the startup and entrepreneur communities represented by individual members as well as members at the Dubai government sponsored incubator In5. Furthering their passion and conviction in Customer Journey Mapping, team EPIC has also designed and launched an online CJM awareness raising videocast in which they interview journey mapping gurus from across the globe and share their experiences and tips online on EPIC's YouTube channel.

This event is free admission.