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Meylas Al Comedia (Improvise Comedy workshop & show)

When: 19 Oct 2019 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Meylas AlComedia Improvise Comedy workshop & show

IMPROV 101 Workshop

This is an introductory workshop to improv and a great way to connect, learn and share with the ImprovU DXB community. A safe, friendly and energizing introduction to improv with topics including: Listening, Yes And, Confidence, Spontaneity, Games and most of all having fun improvising! No experience in acting, comedy or improv needed whatsoever. You don’t need to be clever or funny!

This is also a great opportunity to warm-up for the later improv jam (in case you’d like to participate).


Jams are open to anyone to turn up, come and perform or watch improv on the night. You just arrive a bit before the jam starts, chat to the host, and sign up. Over the jam, people are selected at random and put into a variety of games and scenes. People who sign up gets on stage at some point (there might be limited spots, so that everyone gets the chance to get on stage). This is a great place to build up performing experience and meet other people from the ImprovU DXB community. A super safe space and entertaining evening for everyone.


This is the first improv troupe that emerged from the ImprovU DXB community: eight improvisers from different backgrounds, will go through a variety of (short form) improv games and will also try out their new repertoire. This will be their first showcase! Come and throw in your suggestions and watch them be turned into awesome scenes. Be ready for a magical evening.


Improvisation or Improv is a form of live theatre/comedy in which the plot, characters and dialogue of the scene are created and developed on the spot. What makes improv interesting is that each performance is different, raw and can't be replicated, thereby giving the audience a unique experience.


ImprovU DXB is a community of improvisers based in Dubai who meet regularly to share, learn, perform and practice improv theatre. The group comprises of individuals from different backgrounds with an aligned passion for improvised performance.


A showcase based entirely on audience suggestions and participation going through a variety of improv games and forms. This is the first improv troupe that emerged from the ImprovU DXB community and the eight improvisers could not be more diverse. Be ready to throw in your suggestions and watch them be turned into breath taking scenes. At the end there might be also a chance to go on stage to perform together with our troupe. Be ready for a magical evening.

RSVP now for an event filled with laughter and arrive early to grab the best seats in the house!

This workshop will be conducted in English


5:30 PM: Open doors
6:00-7:00 PM: Improv 101 Workshop
7:00-7:30 PM: Refreshment Break
7:30-8:15 PM: Improv Jam
8:15-9:15 PM: Rehearsal Showcase

About the facilitator: Martin Scholtz

Martin discovered improv when he was taking acting classes and doing stand-up comedy back in Germany. He loves improvised theater/comedy because so many different skills are trained, such as listening, being in the present moment and unleashing our creativity. Yet, every time the scenes are different and it is always a lot of fun.

Martin started doing public introductory workshops in 2018 and asked people whether they would like to continue meeting on a regular basis. The name “ImprovU DXB” emerged from a brainstorming session with the regulars and then the community started to grow and create shows and workshops.

Throughout the journey, Martin wanted to do and learn more about improv and took intensive classes with Keith Johnstone in London, learned from Gary Schwartz (student of Viola Spolin) and Aretha Sills (granddaughter of Viola Spolin) and studied at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) Theater in New York City. Martin wants to shape the improv landscape in Dubai, where more people get easier access to do, learn and watch improv to explore its benefits.

Martin is Polish/German and has been in the UAE since January 2018. In his day to day job he is a consultant and experiential learning facilitator working extensively with ABAMI Consultancy & Training to drive cultural change and align different teams at local organizations and (semi-) governmental institutions. He is also member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN), where facilitators use improv principles and activities beyond the theater and share best practices.