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Strategy and Planning Advisory Session with PK Gulati

Location: Online

Prashant (PK) Gulati is a longtime supporter of the global startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor and VC, with long association with TiE, in5, DFF, Nasscom, SmartStart Fund, DAI etc. in Middle East, India and Silicon Valley.

PK is providing office hours to startups to navigate their venture strategy and plan next steps to manage business uncertainty during #COVID19 challenging times.

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Event Speaker(s)

Prashant "PK" Gulati
About Prashant "PK" Gulati

Prashant K. Gulati (PK), is a technology innovator, angel investor, mentor, idea accelerator, and commentator with interests in innovation, startups, entrepreneurship, technology, mobility, wireless, intelligent buildings, online media and more.

PK has served in numerous leadership capacities including as Trustee on the Global Board of TiE, President of TiE Dubai, Founder of The Assembly, Founder of SmartStart Fund, Senior Advisor to Dubai Future Foundation, CEO of Optimistix Ventures, Steering Committee Member of in5 Innovation Hub, Honorary Secretary General of Indian Business & Professional Council-Dubai, Member of the Board of Dubai Enterprise Centre, Chairman of Gulfcom Group, Chairman of Prokraft Group-India and Board Member for Indian Documentary Foundation, Dubai Enterprise Centre etc.

Prashant is an active Angel and Early Stage investor in startups, younger companies and fresh ideas. With a portfolio of ventures in India, Middle East and US, he is actively involved in providing mentorship, guidance and advice to such companies at various levels. He has been associated with a large number of successful startups and has an active portfolio in the US, Middle East and India.

A Post Graduate with Honours in Computer Science and Management, PK resides in Dubai for the last two decades and is very closely connected with the latest in technology and innovation around the world, with very close association with innovation powerhouses like MIT Media Labs, Silicon Valley giants, TED, Leading Venture Firms and Technology Clusters around the world.