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PERSONAL BRANDING for coaches, independent professionals & business owners

Location: Online

February 2021 23-24th - 6-8.30 pm  GST

Includes: 3 weeks of follow up of the implementation 

Learn how to use the power of personal branding to become stronger in the market, accelerate your success and grow your business

Whether you’re looking for an investor, more sales, a job or to upgrade your career, personal branding is more important than ever. Applicable to Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs or Career minded Individuals, the market is more competitive than ever and we need to learn how to stand out.

How powerful is your personal brand amongst your competitors? Do you know how to leverage it to increase the value of your business and attract new business deals?

Discover what to do – and what not to do – so you can grow an authentic, differentiated and compelling personal brand that SELLS so your position in the market will be stronger and more visible than ever. 

In this HANDS ON session we will work on your Personal Branding, with exercises and assignments that will make your online profile stand out. Seats are limited so we ensure it is an interactive session with one on one assistance. 

Special module on how to market your personal brand during uncertain times.

  • What you will get:
    The practical steps to create your brand, with on site exercises and one on one tuition 
    3 months implementation plan to get you started immediately.
  • Differentiate yourself from peers and competitors.
  • Attract and engage decision-makers.
  • How to use Social Media to build your brand
  • Tools and tips to grow your brand in only 10 minutes per day
  • 30 min FREE one on one online session with Stefania during the next month after the event
  • The link of the workshop to access the video anytime

Who is this for

  • Job Seekers willing to be more visible to recruiters 
  • Career minded professionals looking for better opportunities 
  • Independent consultants who want to boost their online reach 
  • Freelancers that need to stand out in the market 
  • Entrepreneurs that want to attract business partners, strategic alliances or investors 
  • Business owners looking to obtain new contracts 

1- Introduction 

Why is Personal Branding so important for business (either as entrepreneurs or as employees)
Elements of a personal brand and 5 steps process to build a strong one

2- Hands on:

-        Brand Assessment

We will explore what does your brand stand for, the main values, and what’s the need in the market are you trying to cover.

Materials: Assessment questionnaire, ‘Brand’ assignment and one on one support

-        Explore

In this area we’ll work together to research and clarify how unique is your brand amongst your competitors, what’s your obtainable market, and who is the type of client that you should focus your efforts on.

Materials: Explore questionnaire, ‘Explore’ assignment and one on one support

 -       Style 

We’ll draft the visual personality of your brand so that it comes alive and starts speaking by itself.

Materials: Style checklist , ‘Style’ assignment and one on one support

 -        Build  

Now that you have clarity on your Personal Brand, which are the tools that you will use to reach your potential clients or target audience? We’ll work on the online and offline Marketing plan and learn growth marketing techniques to make you stand out fast and steadily.

Materials: Marketing checklist , ‘Build’ assignment and one on one support

-        Launch

We’ll create a 3 months implementation plan of your Personal Brand with KPIs, to make sure that all what you’ve learned and created today has a practical continuity after this session. Includes Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin Marketing and a specific session on Networking.


3- Wrap up

-        Main Do’s and Don’ts

-        Final Q&A

About the Expert:

Stefania Brunori is a Brand Strategist and Marketing Specialist with over 15 years international experience in managerial positions. Having worked in Europe and the Middle East, her core areas of expertise are Branding, Innovation, Social Media, Creativity and Integrated Marketing Practice.

She has specialized in the last years in Digital Marketing , Social Media and Content Marketing, providing support to Start-Ups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs. She is also a Mentor and Coach , helping individuals and corporations to expand and reach further in their Go To Market strategies.

** NOTE: the price also includes a 30 min extra one on one follow up with Stefania during the next month of this session ** 

Social Media handles for the event: Instagram @stefaniabrunoriofficial Twitter: @stefingg 

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