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Sales workshop series #1: Building out your “Introduction”

When: 24 Feb 2021 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Online

In our first workshop from our sales series, Liam Fitzgerald and Ben Kinerman will help startups build their “introduction”

Task: Elevator pitch.
Question: “How do you describe your business in 15 seconds and grab attention.”
Outcome: Founders will have a clear and concise introduction ready to take to market.

About the instructors:

Liam Fitzgerald
Founder and Sales Expert

Liam's first-ever job role was in sales. After learning that his passion lays with sales, and what it means to be a good sales professional, he decided to accelerate his career in this field where he spent over four years in Dubai working for a well-funded startup, moving his way up to the position of Sales VP.

Liam realized that many recruiters didn’t always understand the kind of talent required to fill a role in a startup environment in particular. He recognizes the need to hire and train the correct sales professionals that share the same passion for your brand as you, who have the drive and innovation to fit into the high-pressure startup environment, and the negative effects it can have on the company if the right candidates are not chosen early on.

“This is what differs us from traditional recruitment companies. We have direct experience with startup environments which have a different culture to corporate. It is not just about the skills on the CV that lays in front of you, but also how innovative the person can be and adaptable to the fast-paced, transitional startup culture”.

Along with helping startups to rocket, Liam loves to cook and is an avid football fan.

Ben Kinerman
Founder and Start Up Expert

Throughout his years of experience working as a VP in a hyper-growth startup, Ben is confident in his ability to help transform a startup into a successful business. One of the most important factors which will decide how your company grows is the sales professionals that you choose to represent your brand, especially in the beginning of your business journey.

With his passion for helping other companies to thrive, Ben decided to create KinFitz & Co. where he designed the KinFitz & Co. Sales Methodology alongside his partner Founder Liam Fitzgerald. Together, with their thorough knowledge of working with startups in the region, they are sure that they can find the best possible sales candidates with the same passion for your brand as you. Having witnessed the detrimental effects of hiring the wrong sales professionals, both Ben & Liam believe that the sales recruits, especially early on in your business, should be uncompromised.

Along with being a startup enthusiast, Ben is also an accredited performance coach and ultra-marathoner and loves nothing more than to see and help others to succeed.

This workshop is available for in5 members and startups only.

 Free Admission