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AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Dubai

When: 07 Jul 2017 9:00 am - 08 Jul 2017 4:00 pm
Location: in5 Tech

Join AngelHack that ignites the passion of the world’s most vibrant community of code creators + change makers to invent the new and make change happen, together.  By hacking at an AngelHack hackathon, you are joining global community of over 120,000 developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are committed to bettering the world, their city, themselves, or just simply competing for fun prizes.  All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. Come solo or in a team of up to five, and spend the weekend learning new skills, meeting your local tech community and tech sponsors, enjoying free food, and more.


Day 1

09:00 AM : Doors Open & Breakfast
10:30 AM : Opening Ceremony & Sponsor Welcomes
12:00 PM : Coding Kick Off
01:00 PM : Lunch
2:00 PM : Sponsor Breakout Sessions
7:00 PM : Dinner
10:00 PM : Pitch Workshop
12:00 AM : Create project profile on, final submission due 1:00 PM, Day 2

Day 2

08:00 AM : Breakfast
12:00 PM : Lunch
01:00 PM : Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on
01:30 PM : A/V Check
02:00 PM : Demos
4:00 PM : Winners are Announced / Prizes!

Event Speaker(s)

Daniel Hanna
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Senior Project Manager
About Daniel Hanna

Experienced strategy and management professional with string hands-on experience in multiple industries including (FMCGs, financial services, technology, industrial goods, telecommunications and public sector). Exposed to various functions: strategy, treasury, performance based budgeting, sales and distribution, marketing , operations, supply chain management and human resources.

Specialties: Strategy formulation, business turnaround and transformation, implementation, performance management, people development

Rekha Setpal
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Head of Community Services
About Rekha Setpal

Rekha Setpal is the Head of Community Services at Dubai Internet City, a member of TECOM Group and the largest business community for technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the Middle East. She plays a critical role in supporting Dubai’s ICT industry vertical and is a key figure within TECOM Group’s start-up ecosystem at in5. Her ability to forge links between new and existing business partners has enabled the community to develop closer ties and inform the creation of servies that are relevant and accessible. As part of the senior management team responsible for guiding TECOM Group’s in5 innovation center, she has helped connect local start-ups with investment capital of over AED58 million since 2013, and has overseen the launch of more than 70 ICT and digital media start-ups.

Rekha has established partnerships with leading universities and mentorship networks that have contributed to the content and delivery of industry workshops and training to 4,000 technopreneurs across Dubai. Prior to joining Dubai Internet City, she managed several large business accounts at Etisalat which helped streghten her interest and expertise in the technology sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American Global International University in Miami.

Lijeesh Majeed S
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
CTO & Product Manager
About Lijeesh Majeed S

Majeed is a highly motivated technology person and entrepreneurial thinker. With over 10 years of solid and hardworking experience I can put value on tech products. Working with Honeybee Tech Ventures I am doing career service with lot of technology innovation in it. It has been a great success so far and is making lot of buzz in the internet space in middle east.

Working for about 5 years in Flip Media, including more than 3 years Dubai, I have created applications that will make life of clients easy and make business and development in company for long time. His strong learning and teaching skills helped me to get leading roles and made team more productive. His Goal is working with a team, using my skills and knowledge to motivate and guide them, on developing successful products in High quality and timely manner.

Specialties & Focus: Full Stalk Programming, Startups,Technology & Business strategy, Product scaling,Big Data, Analytic, Cloud consultancy & architecture, Mobile application development, Digital marketing strategy, SEO, Team building & Hiring, Agile,Web Apps,Mobile Apps,CRM,Technical design and architect,Product development,System Analysis,Standards oriented,Project management,SCRUM environment, Fast learning, R&D, Training

Worood Dabbas
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Cloud Developer Advocate
About Worood Dabbas

Experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Analytical Skills, Microsoft Word, C++, Public Speaking, and Management.

Naiyarah Hussain
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
IBM Cloud Developer Experience Team Lead
About Naiyarah Hussain

• Drive & support cloud developer ecosystem initiatives with the local Developer Experience team
• Build & maintain relationships with Tech startups, Developers, Incubators, Accelerators, Co-working spaces & Universities
• Developing applications, services & demos using Bluemix, Watson services & Watson IoT
• Working on accelerating the usage of Bluemix & Softlayer through ecosystem development and community events like bootcamps, workshops, meetups & hackathons
• Provide technical mentorship - helping startups and developers build their applications on Bluemix and integrate Watson cognitive services into their applications

Aoun Lutfi
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Bluemix Cloud Developer Advocate
About Aoun Lutfi

Having graduated with a Bsc of Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, I went on to pursue a Masters of Engineering Management at the same university. Through out my experiences in Visa, IBM and other companies, and throughout my education, I have accumulated a wealth of skills both technical and non-technical. I can proudly say my strengths lie in Automation, IoT, Android Apps, UI/UX, Public Speaking, and Project Management. Armed with all of this I aim to leave a mark on this planet. Furthermore, I am currently a student member of IEEE and Engineers Australia. I also have undertaken the HBDI assessment, and training in public speaking, presentation, and teaching.

Alexander Al Basosi
When: 07 Jul 2017 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Cloud Developer Advocate
About Alexander Al Basosi

- Build relationships with startups, developers and accelerators/incubators
- Plan, run and facilitate regular Bluemix meetups
- Attend and network in EcoD (IBM/non-IBM) events and promote Bluemix and Softlayer
- Drive Bluemix registrations and IBM Global Entrepreneur Program
- On-board startups, developers on Bluemix and Softlayer
- Create marketing assets for Bluemix/Softlayer
- Support Sales and Account Teams on Enterprise Hackathons
- Contribute on Digital and social platforms and create Startups' stories/references to promote i-internally/externally


Karim Younsi
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Business Unit Executive, Hybrid Cloud Technical Sales
About Karim Younsi


Gilles Fayad
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Director of Product Marketing
About Gilles Fayad

Gilles spent his entire career in launching new products & services. His track record has been to move up the food chain to successfully solve one problem after the other, and in doing so he acquired a broad technical expertise, managerial acumen, and international exposure. He is deeply fascinated with the impact of technology on society, complex mathematical problems, deep learning, and the relationship between form and function in design. If you cannot find him sailing or diving, you can lure him with a coffee into a game of chess, Go, or simply in a discussion on reinventing the world.

Professional experience: strategy, business development, speakership, alliances and ecosystems, technology and product roadmaps, product development, new product introduction, product management, intellectual property, contracts negotiation, technology transfer, joint ventures, research & development, standards bodies, government policy, market development, technical marketing, technical sales, innovation, mentoring, advising, maker labs, and hackathons.

Technical expertise: mobile, internet of things, augmented/virtual reality, cognitive intelligence, machine learning, proximity mobile engagement, robotics, connected cars, e-learning, mobile health, content and mobile services, mobile architecture, imaging, mobile security, NFC, bluetooth, voice over packets.

Dulce Rose Lada
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Digital Marketing
About Dulce Rose Lada
  • Sourcing potential investments based on WOMENA’s investment criteria and building and managing a pipeline of potential startups
  • Contributing to insightful contents on the company’s website and Social Media channels to demonstrate thought leadership and attract quality entrepreneurs and potential members
  • Managing the digital marketing channels of the company such as the monthly newsletter campaigns, Social Media network and Slack member group
  • Handling tech support including website maintenance and CRM management
  • In charge with office management and other administrative services
  • Helping the team with event management and logistics
  • Reporting directly to the Managing Director for KPI and marketing updates
Jugal Paryani
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Digital Marketing Manager
About Jugal Paryani is a leading performance and growth marketing strategy with the aim to help youth employment rates in the Middle East. I work on acquisition and product marketing through user funnel optimizations, customer development, paid media (PPC), SEO, email marketing, CRO and PR.


Supratik Mukherjee
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Product Manager
About Supratik Mukherjee

Product Development Manager at InternsME Dubai, bridging the gap between the technology, the user and the business.

  • Executed new product releases; identifying risks & highlighting opportunities using SWOT analyses
  • Spearheaded, designed, & acquired developmental project w/government entity
  • Managed product development w/Agile methodology--created user workflows, led Sprints, prioritized tasks
  • Drove platform development by predicting feature demands through application of usage metrics analysis
  • Optimized user experience to boost customer retention by designing engagement metric protocols
  • Directed & fostered stakeholder engagement; both internal (Marketing, Web Development, Customer Support, Business Development Teams); as well as external (Job Seekers & Employers)


Jean-Luc Scherer
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
Innovation, Digital Transformation & IoT, Startup Coach, Speaker
About Jean-Luc Scherer

Jean-Luc, Industry thought leader with 20+ years’ Experience in the Mobile industry, Jean-Luc Scherer is an IoT and Innovation Specialist. Public Speaker and published author in tech magazines, Jean-Luc is also the founder of Innoopolis, A Digital Innovation Factory. He helps enterprises and startups to get more out of their innovation initiatives. Innoopolis supports startups with development of their MVP, Design outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Market Access and Business Growth, Investor Pitching and Public Speaking preparation.

Don Joe Martin
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
About Don Joe Martin

I would like to describe myself as a part-time student, a full-time thinker, a quarter-of-time tinkerer, a half-time inventor, a full-time writer and an all time human. 

My one and only aim and ambition in life is to leave a lasting mark in the major career fields in the world, namely, automobiles, aviation, electronics, technology & space travel. If that seems to be a lofty aim, isn't it said, "Aim for the moon, so that you can at least reach the stars." And I am not a person to stop at the stars.

I am always on the lookout for new challenges, supposedly 'impossible' tasks and interesting jobs. While I do happen to be pursuing an Electronics degree, I wouldn't feel out of place in a medical college, nor lost in an aeronautical degree, because knowledge is knowledge. And the more interesting it is, the better. The more difficult it is to understand, the better. 
Just because, great things cannot be achieved by small efforts.

Saurav Koli
When: 07 Jul 2017 (5:00 pm - 2:00 am)
About Saurav Koli

Currently a Student at Manipal University, Dubai pursuing Btech Computer Science & Engineering.
Skills - Mobile Application Development
Graphic Designing
Languages - C,C++,Java, Python,SQL
Tools - Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, RoboMongo, Adobe Creative Suite