Advisory Sessions

Strategizing your startup advisory with Bhawana Satwani


Sep 29 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Bhawana Satwani

Though she comes with over 15+ years of work experience right from design to, commercial and operation
al management, her core strength has been in leading startup companies towards growth.

A proficient, strategic Startup Consultant is what best describes Bhawana today. Startups are vulnerable in that; they lack the expertise in all areas of business and a concrete roadmap to start with. With her commercial awareness, somebody like Bhawana steps in with an educated, experienced, and impartial standpoint on things for companies in the incubator stage of development. From creating strategy and coaching/guiding you through the roadblocks in the first year of your business to hiring the right people for your team and ultimately connecting you with them, Bhawana is the targeted thrust you and your business often require. As a consultant that is fully invested in the demands of your startup, she gives YOU – the entrepreneur, the recourse to take a step back and dedicate valuable time on the business. In her ongoing capacity as the CEO of Aura Interiors, she has spearheaded the development and execution of the organizational business/commercial/operational strategy. Responsible for building the brand, product and company from inception while leading a team of 20, providing day to day guidance to senior leadership in all aspects of the business comes easy to her.

Bhawana’s core strengths:

·       A solid work experience and proven track record of increasing overall efficiency by creating systems, processes and structures

·       A truly global perspective, having worked and established 5 start-up companies (including her own) across the Middle East and Asia\

·       A robust understanding of how strategizing is key for any business, and especially for startups

·       Access to her professional network, which she has tended to and nurtured over the years

·       An all-rounded view based on her transitional journey from an employee to an employer/entrepreneur

·       Ensuring you get your money’s worth with an improved efficiency and productiveness of your business

·       Painstaking attention to detail (something she picked as a Trained Interior Designer)

Eligibility and Criteria:

·       In5 startups

·       In5 members

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