About in5 Program

What is in5?

in5, an integrated innovation platform, launched by TECOM Group has created within Dubai a distinctive and well-rounded ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be incubated and nurtured to their next phase of growth.

What does in5 do?

in5 provides Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Corporates and Students from Technology, Media and Design disciplines, an access to a comprehensive suite of benefits. in5 offers access to state-of the art and specialized facilities, dynamic and creative environment and sessions that allows for the development of innovative ideas.

Does in5 take equity in startup business?

No. in5 does not take any stakes in the startup venture.

Is in5 open to only UAE nationals?

No, the in5 program is open to submission from all nationalities.

Will in5 provide funding?

in5 attracts investors to review profiles of its startups and facilitates introductions. The investments/funding is negotiated directly between the startups and the investors and will be subject to mutual agreement between startups and investors’ terms, conditions, criteria, and selection.

What if we have already been working on our start-up for a while? Is in5 appropriate for us?

Applications from a licensed/registered company from any jurisdiction are evaluated under the following aspects:

  • • Tech Applicants, having their company registered over 1-Year, will need to provide information on the activities of the business planned to be carried out under in5 program.
  • • Design and Media Applicants having a smaller team of up to 4 members, are evaluated based on how Design Lab and Content Creation Facilities/Studios are useful for their business proposition

What type of license is issued to approved applicants?

  • • in5 startups are provided a license from Dubai Development Authority and have the same obligations and privileges of a FREE ZONE based company. The license issued to startups is equivalent to a regular TECOM based company.
  • • in5 incubated companies are approved in the program if their business plans are approved by the relevant steering committee. They are permitted to pivot and scale within their approved framework. However, should they find no market for their approved activity and they decide to diversify into a different solution, they must inform in5 about change in their business activity and go through the committee evaluation process once again to revalidate approval for the new concept.
  • • A change in the shareholder’s structure can be carried out in case of addition/deletion of shareholders/investors
  • • A BVI/Offshore company can be a 100% shareholder of a FZ-LLC company registered at in5/DDA)
  • • Approved startups select Licensing Segment closer to their business activity from this link. More than one license segment can be chosen. License Segments, that cost greater than AED.15,000 are not provided at subsidized cost of AED.1,000 to in5 startups.

What does the Program expect from its approved startups?

The in5 program expects you to contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through success of your startup.

Submit to in5 every six (6) months, a report, accurately stating all progress, achievements, funding acquired, job creations, major customers, and other such data or information that reflect impact of in5 startup program on the ecosystem.

Acknowledgment in5 in your publications, interviews, and talks in the form “Special Thanks – In5”.

Will you accept to host start-ups teams working on a similar idea?


Can we be accepted in the program and get my visa rejected?

Yes. The application for the visa follows standard Federal Government procedures.

How should the applications be submitted?

Submissions may be done online at www.in5.ae


in5 Pricing, Value Proposition, Deals and Discounts

What is the pricing applicable to join in5?

in5 supports innovative, active, and engaged startups with subsidized pricing up to 5-years. After the incubation period at in5 Innovation Center, in5 offer lease options for startups to relocate at various Free Zone locations. A startup team of over 4-members, are provided an independent office options at TECOM Buildings for a subsidized rate. Terms and conditions are applicable to extend the subsidized cost and approval is subject to in5 management decision.

In5 Subsidized Pricing (AED.) Year-1 Year-2 Year-3
License* 1,000 1,000 1,000
Co-working Desk 12,000 15,000 18,000
Dedicated Office 30,000 35,000 40,000
Visa/Person (Out of Country)** 1500
Visa/Person (In-Country)** 3130

*A full license fee of AED.15,000 is applicable after three years

**Visa Validity is three years. The subsidized pricing is applicable up to four visas. Prices are subject to change by 3rd party service providers GDRFA, EIDA & DHA.

What is the value proposition of in5?

In5 offerings include subsidized pricing for startups approved to join in5 program. The benefits include, Business Setup Framework (i.e. Company License, Office Space, Visas), Mentorship, Workshops & Talks, Networking, Access to Investors, Business Promotion, Talent Development, Business Support in addition to access to Creative Facilities and Equipment.

What creative facilities are available at in5?

in5’s three centers, in5 Tech, in5 Media, and in5 Design are purpose built spaces that feature modern meeting and conference facilities, cutting-edge technology devices, studios/prototype lab and 3D printing facilities, aimed at providing infrastructure to suit various entrepreneurial requirements, create an inspiring, fun and vibrant environment for in5 startups, members and external community. Read more

  • • In5 Startups can book Meeting rooms, editing suites, fashion lounge for no cost at a cap of 2 hours/day.
  • • Large rooms booking (Board Room, Conference Halls, Training Room, Multifunctional Room and Lounge) is provided to support business promotional activities or team development training at a cap of 1 booking/month.

What showcase opportunities are offered at in5

  • • in5 startup have privilege to feature their profile, news, achievements at in5 website, newsletter, and social media platforms.
  • • in5 startups are provided showcase opportunities at various leasing exhibitions and conferences in the form of free booth space, speaking, and networking opportunities
  • • in5 startups can host their product launch, activation of their brand and meetings with their customers at in5 premises

What are the deals and discounts provided by in5?

It is in5’s constant endeavor to bring onboard additional offers. Any recommendations are welcome from startups to reach out for more offers, for and on behalf of in5 incubator.

in5 Members and Startups have access to the following deals:

  • • US$ 120,000 Cloud Credits from IBM. Click here.
  • • Up to US$ 120,000 Azure Credits from Microsoft. Click here.
  • • U$ 5,000 Cloud Credits from Amazon. Click here
  • • US$ 24,000 Hosting Services from Rackspace. Click here.
  • • HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. Click here.
  • • 10% discount at in5 Café.

What amenities are available at in5 buildings?

In5 startups have 24/7 Access to any of the three in5 Innovation Centers. Access Card is provided free-of-cost to 4-team members.

  • • 275 MBPS Wi-Fi connectivity is available at each in5 Innovation Center.
  • • Drinking Water, Fridge, Microwave is available for use for startup use.
  • • Storage Cabinets are provided at in5 centers for convenience to store work related bulky items.
  • • Large storage cabinet are provided at the cost of AED 100/month


in5 Evaluation Criteria

How are applications judged?

Applications are screened by a panel of committee members, using a five-point scale, with a focus on identifying start-ups who are innovative in their respective industry.

What is the definition of Innovation for in5?

  • • Tech Applicants with a focus on digitalization to any traditional business applying trending technologies e.g. AI, Big Data, robotics, machine learning, open APIs, robotics, etc.
  • • Media Applicants with a focus on Content Creation through various online channels.
  • • Design Applicants with a focus on Sustainability, Use of Recycled/Repurposed Materials, Process and Supply Chain Optimization, Creativity, Design Excellence, Unique Aesthetic and Design Process

How long does the program last?

in5 supports innovative, active, and engaged startups with subsidized pricing for 5-years. After the incubation period at in5 Innovation Center, in5 reserves the right to renew the lease agreement at in5 Innovation Centers and/or offer lease options to relocate at various TECOM locations. Depending on the progress and performance, Terms and conditions are applicable to extend the subsidized cost and approval is subject to in5 management decision. A startup team of over 4-members, are provided an independent office options at a subsidized rate.

What criteria do the Application Committee consider when judging applications to be part of the in5 program?

Level of innovation of the proposed solution
Management team comprising of complementary skills to drive the startup venture
Market potential and competitive landscape of the project
Economic impact on the community in the form of job creation potential and contribution to the growth of the economic base

Is it necessary to have a completed business plan to apply?

No, at the time of online submission, a complete business plan does not need to be ready. However, all elements of business model must be submitted, and the solution should be at a stage of a Minimum Viable Product or prototype, proof of concept. Design and Media applicants can present their Portfolio/Case Study/Sample of Work.

What happens if the application submitted lacks the complete information required by the in5 Committee?

If the committee feels that it requires further information or clarification of any points, the applicant will be contacted to submit additional documents to assert their innovation. However, panel’s decision is deemed final.

What is the next step after being selected by the committee?

After receiving acceptance to join the in5 hub, the team will contact you to register your startup company. In case the selected startup is not ready to establish a company, they can avail facilities as in5-Member.

How long it takes to from application to registration of the startup venture?

The application pitch sessions take place within 1-2 weeks from the submission. The approved applicants are required to commence their company registration process within one week of the decision. Company registration takes up to 7-10 working days.


Startup FAQs

What happens if the startup fails to sustain their business idea and wish to withdraw?

In the case a licensed startup wishes to discontinue, TECOM/in5 issued trade license, lease and visas will need to be cancelled.

Is it possible to submit more than one idea at the same time?

No, only one submission is acceptable at a time.

If we have already funding can we still apply?

Yes, having acquired funding is a positive indicator towards your business proposition

Do we need to be in Dubai to apply?

No. Applications can be submitted online via http://www.in5.ae. However, the startup team will need to be based in Dubai in case their application is approved.

How will we know if we have been rejected or accepted?

You will receive a response from the in5 team on the result of your submission.

Who will have access to my submission?

in5 relevant staff and application evaluation committee will have access to documents.

Can we apply for in5 while visiting UAE on a visit visa?

Yes. Provided you meet the Federal Government rules and criteria.

Can a single person apply to in5?

It is recommended that a startup is managed by a team of members having complimentary skills. The team could consist of external advisors, part-time/outsourced employees at the start. The team can grow when the startup picks up momentum.