Launched in 2013, in5 was created to enable opportunities for entrepreneurs in the technology sector in the UAE and the region. Since then, it has engaged with 4,000 technopreneurs that have secured over AED 58 million in funding.

in5 offers startups state of the art workspaces, training and meeting rooms, unparalleled exposure to local, regional and international investors as well as a constant stream of mentorship and sustainability focused activities such as seminars, training sessions and workshops.

The innovation centers are designed to offer 5 key benefits to support the growing number of students, entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to get new ideas off the ground in Dubai’s competitive markets.

Framework benefits

What makes in5 Tech different

in5 is home to The Assembly, a smart lab offering the ultimate assimilation of research giving start-ups access to cutting-edge technology and devices to build software around smart futuristic services including robotics and wearable devices. This initiative combines the efforts of industries, educational institutions, governments and community innovators to create and provide real solutions to current challenges in the tech industry.

Good to remember

Things to keep in mind before you apply

  • Application is always open

    At in5, we are always looking to support the next great idea. You simply have to apply , and we will evaluate your concept and get back to you.

  • You must have a unique innovative solution and passion

    in5 focuses on identifying startups with robust and innovative solutions to real problems and provides infrastructure, support and a dynamic and engaging working environment to entrepreneurs from early stage of their entrepreneurship to the commercial launch of a product or service.

  • Open to everyone

    in5 is open to all nationalities with great ideas and a passion to make a difference. If you’re not based in the UAE, once your idea is accepted, you will need to relocate to Dubai to ensure you benefit from the in5 ecosystem.

Ready to Apply?

To join the dynamic success driven world of in5 the first step:



Founders and entrepreneurs apply to the incubation program submitting an online application , including relevant material and information about their concept and business model.



The in5 team shortlists candidates based on various eligibility criteria & invites selected candidates to present.



Shortlisted start-ups present their venture to a commite consisting of various industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, and answer the committee’s questions.



The steering committee selects start-ups and admits them to the incubator. During their incubation period, startups access to various benefits that span the incubation value chain.



On completion of the incubation phase, start-ups graduate and become part of the in5 alumni network.