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We are proud to launch in5ide in alignment with the recent launch of our innovation centers, to give you a snapshot into in5�s role in the entrepreneurial landscape.

in5�s three specialised Innovation Centres provide aspiring students, entrepreneurs and start-ups with access to a diverse community of creative minds, facilitating the constant exchange of knowledge and passionate debate, conducive to ideation.
Our Centres
in5 Tech
Dubai Internet City
in5 Media
Dubai Production City
in5 Design
Dubai Design District
Out and About
Annual Investment
Meeting(AIM) Startup
STEP Conference ING Creative Festival
2 - 4 April 2017
Dubai World Trade Center

5 - 6 April 2017
Dubai International Marine Club

13 - 15 April 2017
Al Serkal Avenue

in5 showcased 4 in5 members at the Annual Investment Meeting Startup (AIM Startup) held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and hosted by the Ministry of Economy. in5 partnered with STEP Conference and featured 16 promising tech startups at the exhibition this year. STEP brought together entrepreneurs, influencers, startups, investors and industry leaders to exchange ideas, share experiences in the tech, digital and entertainment industry. in5 partnered with ING Creative Festival, an annual event that brings together over 3,000 creative attendees from all over the world to learn from leading creatives working in global innovative companies such as Google, Pixar, Nasa, National Geographic, Disney, Behance and many more.
Arabnet Startup Battle
ProtoHack AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Dubai
23 April 2017
Dubai Knowledge Park
19 May 2017
in5 Tech
7-8 July 2017
in5 Tech
in5 hosted the Dubai edition of the Arabnet Startup Battle Championship that aims to highlight the best regional startups in Dubai, where finalists would compete at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 against the finalist from the region, including Casablanca, Cairo. Lebanon, and Riyadh. in5 Tech hosted the first Middle East chapter of Protohack, the global 12-hour networking, prototyping, and pitching event that connects promising entrepreneurs with seasoned professionals to bring their original ideas to life. iin5 Tech hosted the Dubai series of the global hackathon, AngelHack, where code creators, change makers, developers, designers and entrepreneurs from across the globe meet to invent new creations and make change happen together.
The Learning Curve
Architecture in a Transit
City Workshop
Learn What Goes into
APP Development
How to Develop a Big
Brand Idea for your Startup
4 � 10 March 2017
Dubai Design District

9 March 2017
Dubai Internet City

23 - 24 May
Dubai Internet City

in5 design hosted a week long international architecture workshop in the prototyping lab, exploring solutions to reconnect the fragments of the city�s fabric.

Lectures were delivered by leading experts from Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster+Partners and Perkins+Wills.
This session explored and addressed this misconception that 'developing an app is the most important part of a solution,� discussed the problems it causes, and introduced a tool that keeps entrepreneurs on the right track while building their product or service. Establishing a world-class brand is in fact not expensive; this workshop highlighted this fact with actual case studies of global brands that started off with a limited budget, such as Red Bull and Apple.
Developing IOS & Android
Using Xamarin with Back-
end on Microsoft Cloud
Predictive Churn Analytics using H2O and IBM Data Science Experience Life’s A Pitch
4 April 2017
Dubai Internet City
24 May 2017
in5 Tech
20 Jun 2017
in5 Tech
Microsoft provided a free hands-on
2 day workshop for in5 developers where they trained developers to create a mobile app connected to Microsoft cloud backend using Xamarin.
The workshop focused on determining whether or not a customer will become a churner
(i.e., no longer remain a customer
in subscription models), but also highlighted challenges in non-subscription models. The goal
of the workshop was to determine
the specific point when your customer will no longer use your services or products.
Focusing on mastering the
art and science of pitching your company to any audience, the 3-hour session used games and exercises to help startup-up founders and team members to define and effectively pitch the value proposition of their start-up.
Upcoming Workshops
Ethical Marketing MIT Solve
22 Aug 2017 1-2 Sep 2017
TiE Dubai brings you Alex Malouf, in house reputation manager for Procter & Gamble and a board member of the Advertising Business Group, to discuss ethical marketing and how it's good for your business.
Read more.
Want to have a reactive UI? Simplify your views and the code to handle them? Look no further! In this talk we will go through how to use data binding to make our views more intelligent and aware of changes with a sample project, we will also look on how the new proposed architecture by google will affect data binding and some of the down sides of abusing it Read more.
New Players
Over 33 new in5 members

• Disperse
• Groomi Technology
• Loyyal MENA
• Medativ Solutions
• Guest Metriks
• AdRelated
• Basmaty Studios
• Galenic Technologies
• Glu
• Go and Back
• Halakiwi
• Illuminate Software Solutions
• Money Nanny Personal Budget Advisor
• Ntegra Global Technologies
• Salesarm
• Savvy Rating
• Sitling Technologies
• Yoginfinity
• Udenz Labz
• Smart Task Solutions and Services
• Derq Systems
• Biker AE
• Ajar Online
• Vibi Short Term Solutions
• Elemental Connected Health
• New Shifts Services

Success Stories
Crowd Analyzer has signed up with Facelift Elemental Software grows as a Startup

Crowd Analyzer has signed a partnership with Facelift, where Crowd Analyzer becomes the Arabic Focused Social Media Monitoring partner to the German technology provider that offers a true all-in-one solution for Social Media marketing: The Facelift Cloud!  Read more. in5 start up and female tech founders, Elemental Software, which has developed an award winning social prescribing digital platform to connect patients, health and social care professionals and community health and wellness providers, announced today that it has raised AED 1.4m with the help of ClearlySo, Europe’s leading impact investment bank. Read more.
Guiddoo Featured as Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week Junkbot Grows as
a Startup
Vineet Budki and Nidhi Varma, founders of in5 startup, Guiddoo, present their Social Startupz initiative as part of Arabian Business Online Entrepreneur of the Week. Read more. Junkbot kit is used by more than 500 schools and 5000 students and has worked with Dewa, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Enoc, Ministry of Tourism, Gems Group of Schools, UAE Robotics for Good. Read more.
Mr. Usta grows as
a Startup
Wrappup wins EO GSEA Local Competition Award
Mr. Usta has grown to a dynamic and diverse group of 15 people, hailing from over eight countries with a skillset just as global. Read more. in5 startup, Wrappup, won Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (EO GSEA) Local Competition Award, the premier global competition for student entrepreneurs who actively run a business. Read more.
Winner of Mind Cloud receives a 3-Month Membership at in5  
Sagarika Khalkho is announced as the winner of a 5-week intensive Academy Entrepreneurship programme by Mind Cloud as well as a 3-month membership at in5. Read more.  
Words of Wisdom
Cash Basha
"If you have a business idea, go and implement it! Don�t wait too much to launch it, the first step is to do, not to keep the idea in a box."

Stefania Brunori, Founder.
Read more.
�One career defining moment for us was when Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon visited our offices to learn more about our business.�

Fouad Jeryes, Co-Founder.
Read more.
Mentor's Corner
Ali Al-Salim
Co-Founder, Arkan Partners

�The great feature of in5 is that companies here are curated and handpicked. As a result, I�d argue that our ecosystem comprises higher potential entrepreneurs than some others where it�s all about renting out space. in5 also supports its members� further development with workshops, talks and of course, mentors.� Read more.
Hall of Fame

in5 startup, Lzine, wins the AIM Startup
Pitch Competition.
Read more.

in5 startup, Nester, wins the STEP Pitch Competition.
Read more.

in5 members, 3asafeer, won first place at the Dubai Seedstar Competition and moved on to win the Seedstars World Global Competition. Read more.
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Stronger Together
UTURN, the leading Arabic entertainment network on YouTube, produces premium content, including entertainment, vlogging, children entertainment, gaming and lifestyle, with the aim to promote Arabic content globally.
The Assembly is a community collaborative which brings stakeholders of smart communities together, to foster introduction and assimilation of research and leading edge technology in real life.
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