in5 goes to Dubai Design Week with exhibition and specialized workshops

Dubai Design Week with exhibition
    • The start-up hub will highlight cutting-edge solutions at the nexus of design and technology, while its masterclasses cover everything from practical applications of design technology (CNC laser cutting) to theoretical discussions (color psychology for branding)

    in5, an enabling hub for design, tech and media start-ups, has confirmed its participation at Dubai Design Week, both as an exhibitor and through a series of workshops.

    Between November 8 and 13, the incubator will be showcasing its emerging design practices in a multidisciplinary exhibition that will include a variety of thought processes highlighting new innovative practices, products with technology-driven design, as well as user-centric design paradigms.

    Underscore: in5 Design Exhibition

    The exhibition explores the role played by technology in many of the approaches adopted by design start-ups, whether through using 3D printing or aerospace technology to create more efficient, smarter, and innovative products and designs.

    Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, said: “in5 aims to be an incubator ecosystem that provides entrepreneurs and start-ups the optimal conditions for growth. We have come to Dubai Design Week to showcase some fascinating projects and concepts that are being worked on in the design space.”

    A broad range of concepts will be examined through these projects, ranging from culture, craft, sustainability, spirituality and wellness.

    KDSV will be showcasing Gateway To Heaven, a stainless steel canopy that uses columns and a water curtain to create the illusion of a waterfall pouring from sky to earth, and Boostpod, an urban device that aims to redefine the balance of work and life through providing an app-accessible private, soundproofed environment in public places.

    Another project by in5 start-up NYXO Visionary Design is Urban Fossils, an urban cooling system that relies on a porous, fossil-inspired structure to lower technologies through a combination of algorithm-driven design and sand 3D printing.

    Other participants in the exhibition include CODE, Neo Architecture, Shatha Essa, Seen Meem Interior Design, Uche by Amber and Stelyx. The latter will be showcasing innovative folding methods adapted from the aerospace industry at the exhibition. Stelyx’s T-Bench, for example, is a bench that adjusts its length automatically to maintain social distancing, while Gravity Tree Rack will dry clothes while saving space and time through a design that takes cues from the branches of a tree.

    in5 workshops

    In collaboration with its partners, in5 Design will also be hosting a series of workshops during Dubai Design Week.

    The sessions cover a broad range of topics. Some will be based around practical demonstration and hands-on work, such as the uses of CNC for laser cutting and robotic milling – the newest addition to in5’s prototyping lab – while others will be more theory-based, such as Pantone’s talk on the role of color in brand recognition and foundation of color psychology by colour theorist Fatima Al Shirawi.

    Sustainability is also featured in the workshops, especially in the fashion space through sessions covering zero-waste design for garments as well as the sourcing of sustainable fabrics and an introduction to sustainable design.

    “These workshops not only provide participants with valuable insights into a range of design technology subjects but also offer a platform for our partners to showcase their solutions to a wider audience,” said Al Suwaidi.

    “Participants will also have a chance to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and see for themselves how the prototyping and fashion labs can help entrepreneurs and start-ups.”

    in5 is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups, fostering innovation and helping new ideas reach the marketplace. It offers five key benefits, which comprise a robust business set-up framework, training and mentorship, networking, investment opportunities, and cutting-edge prototyping labs, studios and creative workspaces.

    In October 2021, in5 announced a new milestone as its start-ups crossed the AED 1.4 billion investment mark, reaffirming Dubai’s leading position as an attractive destination for talent and entrepreneurship. The direct investments came through venture capital and angel investors.