Dubai Angel Investors at in5

13 Nov 2018

Dubai Angel Investors (DAI) is a member-led investment company passionate about entrepreneurs and teams that can take their ideas from proof of concept to customer traction to scale with drive, energy, determination and ambition.

Since its inception in 2016, Dubai Angel Investors (DAI) has held over 15 pitch nights at in5 and has screened over 500 deals to ultimately land investments in these 12 startups: Wrappup - Visage - Lunch:On - Tara - Qallout - ThinkSono - Loyyal - Elves - Money Fellows - Carswitch - ShortPoint - Zbooni

Their current portfolio now spans throughout the UAE, the US, the UK and Egypt with over 35% of their companies situated in the esteemed Silicon Valley. One
of the companies, Tara, began at in5 Tech before diving into Y Combinator’s esteemed accelerator programme. Now they are permanently located in Silicon Valley and their Founder, Iba Masood, has been named in Forbes 30 under 30 in tech.

Feel free to a end DAI’s newly opened o ce hours every Tuesday at in5 Tech as they help other in5 companies prepare their pitch deck and present their ideas to angel investors and venture capitalists.