Open Call : DIRes19 | DIDI-in5 Residency 2019

18 Jul 2019

DIRes19 | DIDI-in5 Residency 2019 Open Call

Shrinking Technology for a Personalized Future


From swarms of autonomous drones, to blockchain enabled companies created for the purpose of a single financial transaction, to 3D manufacturing of products at a consumer level, the miniaturization revolution is shrinking design products and services at an exponential rate. For the past fifty years, miniaturization has covered not only electronics but also mechanical devices. Today, developments in AI and manufacturing is extending to the world of connected services and devices. By 2020, Gartner estimates the proliferation of 20.8 billion IoT devices worldwide. For designers everywhere, miniaturization offers the promise to create new products and services for users that are more powerful, more accessible, more adaptable, more affordable, and more personalized.

Presently, Dubai is known to be home to the world’s tallest building, the biggest indoor amusement park, and the largest man-made archipelago. However, to remain one of the world’s most innovative places, Dubai will also need to think small.

To address this need, the 2019 DIDI-in5 Residency Program will bring together DIDI faculty and students with in5 Members and startups to develop three projects dealing with three contemporary areas of miniaturization: ‘Personalized Medicine’, ‘Touchable Holograms’, and ‘Sentient Environments’.

Over the course of the eight-week program participants will learn new digital modeling skills, and receive Fab Lab training and mentorship as they develop a working prototype to be exhibited at Dubai Design Week 2019. At the end of the residency, each project will have the potential to be spun-off as an independent startup.


Project Descriptions

1      Personalized Medicine

How can radically democratizing medical devices allow frontline patients and providers to invent new treatment plans?

2      Touchable Holograms

How will a future world use augmented reality to physically embody digital information and transform the function of objects?

3      Sentient Environments

How will people respond to a future world where buildings, streets and products, use AI to think, see  and react.

Why should you apply? 

●       Open to all levels

●       Receive mentorship from DIDI’s design and technology faculty members

●       Receive skills workshops in the following areas:

  • 3D printing, computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling, laser cutting
  • 3D modelling software (Rhinoceros 3D, Solidworks)
  • Microcontroller design (Raspberry Pi, Arduino)
  • Game design in Unity3D for augmented reality
  • UX/UI Design

●       Receive a small budget for materials to produce your own prototype

●       A chance to exhibit your work as part of Dubai Design Week 2019

●       Attend a ‘Shark Tank’-type launch event and exhibition

●       The potential for completed projects to be spun off as ventures


To apply, you must:

●       Be an in5 Member, startup, DIDI student, DIDI faculty member

●       Have experiences or skills set in either design technology or entrepreneurship

●       Have preferably some technical proficiency in Rhinoceros 3D, Solidworks, javascript, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,  UX/UI Design, user testing, prototyping, storytelling, video editing, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop

●        Be a Passionate, enthusiastic team player


How to Apply?

Please download and fill the application form.

The deadline to apply is August 8th

For any inquiries, please email


August 5 : Lunch Briefing Session ( 12:30 pm at in5 Design)
August 8 : Deadline for Applications
August 11-17 : Applicants confirmed 
August 19 : Residency Starts
September 10-15 : Interim Presentation
October 18 -20 : Residency Ends
November 7 : Exhibition Installed
November 11-16 : Exhibition at Dubai Design Week


Dr Raffi Tchakerian

Raffi has experience in multiple fields of design, including aerospace, aviation, medicine, humanitarian design, product design, interactive design, and robotics. Acquiring the ability to transform thoughts into tangible solutions his work is nurtured through cross-fertilizations between these various fields, with the goal of improving the interactions between humans and the technology they use, and the environment in which they live. As a visionary designer, Raffi’s projects are colorful in nature, touching on every imaginable design field from space to the developing world. Over the past decade, Tchakerian has collaborated with a large number of leading international designers, including the design studio, Architecture and Vision, and space architects, Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler


Dr Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos

Carlos is an award-winning designer and academic, with interests in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to design and research expertise in Design for Health, Biomimicry and Sustainability. As a practitioner, Carlos has worked in-house in the design of packages, electric appliances, furniture, lamps, ceramics, handcrafts, and others. Many of his projects as well as projects by his students have received international design awards, including Braun Prize, Dupont Imagineering, RedDot, and others.


Sayjel Vijay Patel

Sayjel is an architect and software developer. His Founder and Digital Blue Foam, a new software company that uses advances in video game technology and AI to automate the building design process. Previously, as a principal investigator with the SUTD Digital Manufacturing & Design Centre, Sayjel led “The 3D Sampling Project” – an initiative exploring new design and fabrication processes, which combine mobile 3-D scanning, and advanced additive manufacturing. Sayjel is also the director and co-founder of CodeKitchen – an open educational platform, which promotes design and technology outreach through community-based learning labs and workshops. Sayjel holds a Masters of Architecture degree from MIT.


Mirko Daneluzzo

Mirko is an architect and product designer, whose work has been exhibited internationally, including Vienna, Florence and Beijing. He received his Masters degree in Architecture in 2010, at Greg Lynn’s masterclass at the University of Applied Arts of Vienna. Mirko is co-founder and Chief Design Officer at NYXO ltd, an architecture and product design practice working internationally, with designs featuring in the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum of New York. His work consists in the understanding and management of intricate multidisciplinary scenarios, from material systems to production processes. Mirko is also sensitive to scientific issues and the role that the design thought could play in the bio and nano-tech revolution to renovate the Human Being. One of his obsessions concerns the mutation of the human body (Human Enhancement Design) focusing on the influence and interaction with the products as a prosthesis of the human body.


About DIDI

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) provides an international learning environment encompassing innovation and knowledge to develop new design talent to contribute to the advancement of humanity. The University instills students with the confidence to take risks, push boundaries and challenge ways of thinking and making. All of this converges through its Bachelor of Design. The first integrated BDes of it’s kind in the region.


About in5

in5 is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and startups, offering five key benefits through its robust startup framework, creative spaces and specialized industry centers, training and mentorship programmes, community wide networking events and access to investors, in5 nurtures ideas and businesses to their next phase of growth.