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The prototyping lab at in5 Design is open to creative designers, students, and hobbyists alike. We provide the tools, knowledge and means to educate, innovate, and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make just about anything.

The prototyping lab offers computer-aided design software to help bring your ideas to life as well as state-of-the-art design equipment and machinery, including 3D printers, CNC, electronic section, wood working section and metal works.

The DIY culture removes barriers, such as access to equipment and technology, while serving as an incubator for applied research, innovation, job creation and economic development.

The lab can be booked individually or by an educational institute for a group of students or faculty.

Lab Hours, Monday-Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 Hrs.
(Subject to availability and pre-reservation, Prototype Lab can be booked off Lab hours)


Lab Access Pricing

  • AED 25/Hour, Startups
  • AED 40/Hour, Members
  • AED 50/Hour, Non-Members


3D Printing Charges

Material Cost @ AED. 0.4/Gram of filament used for printing the object

  • AED 13/Hour, Startups
  • AED 20/Hour, Members
  • AED 25/Hour, Non-Members



Access to Lab is available within the Lab Working Hours Only.

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