Third Party Liability Policy

Location :in5 Tech

As part of TECOM Occupancy Agreement, Appendix B Clause 4.2.2, it is mandatory for TECOM portfolio companies to submit third party public liability insurance for an amount of not less than AED 500,000 per license.

You may opt to avail insurance certificate at the cost of AED 315 (inclusive of 5% VAT) through TECOM referred third-party broker.  TPL Insurance Certificate is under TECOM TPL Scheme, and therefore the certificate issued to you will be based on the main TECOM TPL agreement which will be renewed annually and will provide you coverage for entire period of your valid lease.

To proceed with the above option, please download the insurance form, then upload duly completed form along with copy of your trade license.  For any clarifications and queries please send an email at renewals@in5.ae

Third Party Liability Insurance Form