• 3D MarX FZ-LLC

    Immersive Virtual Tour
    Email: andrew.maydaa@gmail.com
    Industry: Virtual Realty
  • 5M Media Solutions FZ-LLC

    5M Marketing are a Creative Marketing Agency with a mission to make multi-channeled, content-led campaigns that specialises in purpose-led digital content.
    Email: hello@5mmarketing.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • A Hypothetical Office FZ-LLC

    A collaborative body that enables environments through research built conditions, project material explorations onto social relations through enclosures and surfaces.
    Email: hatem@ahypotheticaloffice.com
    Industry: Interior Design
  • Aceplace FZ-LLC

    Aceplace connects guests with owners of spaces in a seamlessly way
    Email: barook@aceplace.com
    Industry: Marketplace
    Expertise: Property Popup Space Finder, Booking, Online Payment
  • Arcab Mobility FZ-LLC

    Convenient and Affordable Daily Commutes
    Email: bilal.s@arcab.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • Armoodillo FZ-LLC

    Visual Communication Strategies & Analytics
    Email: martin.debonis@me.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Art and Creativity FZ-LLC

    Art and Creativity helps you tap into your creativity through powerful instructional classes on countless topics that range in Photography, Videography, Design, and more in English and Arabic
    Email: a.gabr@koreefilms.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Atini FZ-LLC

    Direct Marketing by Social Media Celebrities    
    Email: stephen.freshwater@dv8live.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Audiocult Technologies FZ-LLC

    An Online Platform for the Music Industry by the Music Industry, where key players are able to Profile Themselves, Network & Trade
    Email: hussein-hisham-aljabi@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Aveen FZ-LLC

    Aveen – The eponymous jewellery line from the British jewellery designer is a contemporary fine jewellery brand offering elegant and timeless pieces for everyday wear. The designer is inspired by history, architecture,
    Email: contact@aveen.co.uk
    Industry: Jewelry
  • Ayrate FZ-LLC

    Optimize on Telecom and Business Expenses 
    Email: essam@ayrate.com
    Industry: Telecommunication
  • BeanBurds FZ-LLC

    Shop fresh coffee beans by the finest roasters in the UAE on one store, delivered to you. 
    Email: salem@beanburds.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Beaute FZ-LLC

    Portal for news and latest beauty, skin care, hair and makeup products
    Email: diane@beaute.ae
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Bilbareed FZ-LLC

    Customized Electronic Invitations and Greeting Cards in Arabic, English or a mix of both.
    Email: info@bilbareed.com
    Industry: Card Design
  • Booking Bash FZ-LLC

    One-Stop-Shop Entertainment & Recreation
    Email: varun@bookingbash.com
    Industry: Entertainment
  • Boxing International Apparel FZ-LLC

    BIA specializes in the highest quality boxing and gym wear. BIA designs blend functionality with style to empower driven individuals.
    Email: contact@biaboxing.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • Brainciti FZ-LLC

    BRAINCITI concept includes Live Broadcast with the best opinion shapers & leaders from around the world and eventually create marketplace for available anyplace, anytime, on any device. 
    Email: faisal@aaffari.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Callifony Solutions FZ-LLC

    Cloud Based Telephony Solution
    Email: mayank1986srivastava@gmail.com
    Industry: Telecommunication
  • Carlee Technologies FZ-LLC

    A Car lift platform (Not launched)
    Email: mo@carlee.co
    Industry: Transportation
  • Carriyo FZ-LLC

    Multiple Shipping Tracker Platform
    Email: faisel.azeez@carriyo.com
    Industry: Shipping
  • Cashtag FZ-LLC

    Cashtags are Special Hashtags that allows anyone to earn money by posting them on instagram, You will make money on your everyday instagram posts.
    Email: wesimy@gmail.com
    Industry: Retail
  • ChannelPro FZ-LLC

    Fully-Automated-Platform (APP) for Channel Sales, Partners, Distributors, Resellers, Retailers
    Email: elias@channelpro.co
    Industry: Retail
  • Coach Matches FZ-LLC

    Marketplace for sports, fitness and lifestyle coaches
    Email: msahraoui@coachmatches.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Concierge Links FZ-LLC

    One source of the best places in Dubai for restaurants, tours and great deals and promotions.
    Email: daniel@conciergelinks.ae
    Industry: eCommerce

    CTRL+F is building AI experts platform – helping traditional industry and functional experts engage relevantly with their businesses and clients on AI.
    Email: nitin_dheer@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
    Expertise: Artificial Intelligence
  • Cubex Global FZ-LLC

    Digital Marketplace for Freight to conveniently handle shipments through online interaction
    Email: wajiha@cubex.global
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Depoter FZ-LLC

    Depoter is a tech company that stores inventory in its dark stores and pick, pack and deliver online orders for direct to consumers (D2C) brands and e-commerce platforms. Our mission is to provide deliveries in 2 hours, same day
    Email: nikhil@depoter.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Desert Control Middle East FZ-LLC

    Making Deserts Green with Patented Nano Technology
    Email: atle@desertcontrol.com
    Industry: Sustainability Agriculture
  • Dezzex Technologies FZ-LLC

    Dezzex is an insurtech platform making use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate motor insurance claims. Using AI to improve insurance processes and reduce operational cost and enabling
    Email: shahid@dezzex.com
    Industry: Automobile
    Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Diligend FZ-LLC

    Investment and Operational Due Diligence 
    Email: wsouissi@diligend.com
    Industry: FinTech
  • Dimension 14 FZ-LLC

    AI-driven platform and plug-in API to solve scheduling, forecasting and prediction problems with an easy, secure and affordable way.
    Email: melda@d14.ai
    Industry: HealthTech
    Expertise: Healthcare. Logistics. Fitness. Wellness.
  • Direct Buy Tech FZ-LLC

    B2B eCommerce platform for Small & Medium businesses in Retail, Grocery, Restaurants, and Food sector.
    Email: adnan@dxbuy.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Dolphinuz Internet Marketing Solutions FZ-LLC

    With Dolphinus, you can communicate and contract with an increasing number of influencers and content makers to promote your services and products easily and in simple steps such as 1 + 1 = 2
    Email: m@dolphinuz.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Doppelganger Design FZ-LLC

    Fashion Designer - Clothes and Accessories
    Email: rimishha@outlook.com
    Industry: Fashion Designer
  • Double Two Marketing FZ-LLC

    @doubleTWO.dxb · Internet Marketing Service for businesses with low budget for advertising companies and startup projects that cannot afford expensive advertising and mainly want to target Russian-speaking audiences.
    Email: dubai.double2@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Draws Tech FZ-LLC

    AI Based Happiness Indicator
    Email: contact@draws.ae
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • Ehalah FZ-LLC

    We’re on the journey of finding PMF. We’ve launched the product and are making iterations.
    Email: nasser@intrro.com
    Industry: Human Resource
  • Eiada Technologies FZ-LLC

    EIADA is a mobile application that provides health services from the comforts of your home. EIADA connects patients with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals for a variety of healthcare services, including medical
    Email: alinaqiansari.91@gmail.com
    Industry: HealthTech
  • Ek Laboratory FZ-LLC

    EK LABORATORY is a digital communications agency, offering content production, PR and brand consulting for fashion, design and lifestyle businesses. EK LABORATORY brings together an analytical approach with creative
    Email: jelizaveta@eklaboratory.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Elephant Live FZ-LLC

    Live production and streaming company specializing in engaging marketing assets.
    Email: bogdan@lfnt.live
    Industry: Production and Streaming
  • EnergyExpert FZ-LLC

    EnergyExpert is an online platform where energy industry companies discover and learn about the products & services most applicable to their needs
    Email: elias@energyexpert.me
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Ensosoft Middle East FZ-LLC

    A provider of advanced engineering solutions for the upstream & midstream oil & gas industry
    Email: noor@ensosoft.com
    Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Erfa eCommerce Solutions FZ-LLC

    Edfa3 is a mobile first social-commerce platform that provides the technology and tools for selling products through social media and social networking channels. We are introducing a concept call social commerce to the UAE which
    Email: salman@edfa3.company
    Industry: FinTech
  • Estasheer FZ-LLC

    Estasheer is a global network of qualified consultants with deep functional and sector expertise with a mission to make top-tier consulting more accessible, flexible and affordable, and to enable value creation for a wider segment
    Email: tanja@estasheer.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Evamotion FZ-LLC

    Corporate and Animation Video Content
    Email: evaldasvilius@gmail.com
    Industry: Video
  • eWhale eCommerce FZ-LLC

    Cross Border eCommerce for manufacturers and suppliers 
    Email: salim@searchinmena.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Expin FZ-LLC

    An Influencer Network for Exclusive Free Experiences at Hotels and Restaurants.
    Email: feras@expin.com
    Industry: Hospitality
  • Fashion Foresight FZ-LLC

    Fashion business platform for trends and forecasts, B2B Opportunities, access to designers. 
    Email: Badrriya@thefashionforesight.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • Fatima Shirin Designs FZ-LLC

    Glamorous luxury Jewelry brand that inspires people to do Good.
    Email: Fatima@fatimaShirin.com
    Industry: Jewelry Design
  • Fitlov FZ-LLC

    Algorithm Based Health & Fitness Match with Personalized Trainer/Program
    Email: alberto.pardo@insead.edu
    Industry: HealthTech
  • FlexxPay FZ-LLC

    FlexxPay offers an online platform to employers whose employees can access their earned salaries & commissions instantly, before the regular payday.​  The solution fixes the pay frequency problem at its root by
    Email: michael@flexxpay.com
    Industry: FinTech
  • Furban Design FZ-LLC

    End to end home design experience and curated market place for homeowners. 
    Email: apurv@furban.net
    Industry: Interior Design
  • Gigecoin By Pay FZ-LLC

    A decentralized platform with zero commission fee for connecting freelancers with jobs. Enterprise-Grade Mobile app for Hirer, Hiree & Companies.
    Email: daramola@gigecoin.com
    Industry: Human Resource
  • GoGlokal FZ-LLC

    An online marketplace connecting makers of all handmade, craft & local products with customers shopping for everyday items that are unique & trendy. 
    Email: infoglokal@gmail.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Gorilla Rolls FZ-LLC

    Gorillarolls is a unique modern sport brand. A one of its kind one stop online store, shop iconic style apparels, alongside a wide selection of sport tapes, in addition to gym & home floor solutions & accessories. 
    Email: Gorilla.Rolls1@gmail.com
    Industry: Sportswear
  • Greener Crop FZ-LLC

    Greener Crop was founded with the mission to enable Vertical Farming in the Middle East and Africa. ​ As Hydroponic Farming technology becomes more readily available and deployable, Greener Crop is developing an ecosystem to
    Email: alexander@greenercrop.com
    Industry: AgriTech
  • Grub Tech FZ-LLC

    Powered by AI, GrubTech is a next generation platform for restaurants to thrive in the online world for seamless, real-time discovery of data and efficient implementation.  GrubTech\'s data-driven approach is focused on
    Email: moe@grubtech.com
    Industry: F&B
  • GuideMighty FZ-LLC

    GuideMighty has been developed based on findings and research conducted by leading institutions including Gallup, Korn Ferry, Harvard, Forbes and Deloitte. Studies were conducted with more than 1.8 million employees.  The
    Email: diana@gotutoroo.com
    Industry: Human Resource
  • Happy Samples FZ-LLC

    A Platform to receive Free Samples of Beauty Products, Baby Care, Household Services, Online Games and many more..
    Email: gaurav@inc.academy
    Industry: Retail
  • Hayi FZ-LLC

    Hayi is a free, private social network for neighbourhoods in Dubai. The mobile application provides neighbours with an exclusive platform to connect, share information and befriend those in close proximity.  Dubai is known
    Email: chrisdarnell10@gmail.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • Hiba Jaber FZ-LLC

    Hiba Jaber is a contemporary fine jewelry brand for the modern, independent woman.   Hiba Jaber Jewelry is created using 18k gold and set with precious stones. Once each sketch is initiated, it goes through a
    Email: hiba@hibajaber.com
    Industry: Jewelry Design
  • HomeValue FZ-LLC

    Fast and accurate valuations of single properties or residential portfolios 
    Email: fouad@homevalue.ai
    Industry: Real Estate
  • Horn Ok Please FZ-LLC

    Inter-city logistics marketplace to hire truck run on meter. Serving eCommerce, Retail, Furniture, manufacture, construction, trading, FMCG industries
    Email: Ankur@hornokplease.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • HyBella FZ-LLC

    Glamours modest fashion online store 
    Email: Sqdubai14@yahoo.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • Hyphen Technologies FZ-LLC

    Hyphen is an AI-powered technology that is digitizing, automating and optimizing the operations of bus companies. 
    Email: mark@hyphenhq.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • IBG Research FZ-LLC

    A Design firm, creating products incorporating latest machine learning, and product technologies to make life easier for users. The core belief and idea is how to improve quality of life, without exhorbitant costs. Gives us a wide
    Email: manish.sansi@ibgresearch.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • Ingeniodata FZ-LLC

    We are a tech driven company who focuses on promising & trendy solutions such as AR and BLE based Indoor Navigations, Real-time Asset Tracking, Contact tracing, Bird/Falcon tracking and Smart watch solutions. We combine the
    Email: filip@ingeniodata.com
    Industry: Information Technology & Services, Computer software, Internet Of Things.
    Expertise: Indoor Navigation, Asset Tracking, Falcon Tracking, Augmented Reality, Smart Watch solutions, Special Projects, Software Development.
  • Inphota FZ-LLC

    Inphota facilitates the collection of market research and audience data at live experiences through photography - providing event organizers with the tools calculate ROI, better understand and effectively communicate with their
    Email: andrew@inphota.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Instorya FZ-LLC

    Photo Book made Simple
    Email: uaeteam@instorya.ae
    Industry: Photo Market
  • ITB Commerce FZ-LLC

    Create your own online store with ITBStores and sell your products on cross channels like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Noon.com and other marketplaces. Whether you sell online, on social media or in-store, ITBStores has you
    Email: shoaib@itbvision.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Itlaq FZ-LLC

    A Remote Network of A-Team to resolve company challenges
    Email: emilioparente@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Kaseema Vouchers FZ-LLC

    Discounts and Deals eCommerce for beauty, travel, catering, sports, health, workshops and more!
    Email: amachado@kaseema.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Khashab Design Studio FZ-LLC

    KDS/Khashab is a creative multi disciplinary design studio with an Architecture base, focused in: Problem Solving - Space & Place Making - Moments Creation
    Email: info.khashab@gmail.com
    Industry: Architecture
  • Kilade FZ-LLC

    Digital content creative Agency that focused on current situation to help the companies maintain their brand image with cost effective solution. all the way from the idea to submission, we create everything from digital marketing
    Email: darine.sn@gmail.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • Kinzzi FZ-LLC

    An online social marketplace offering a unique curation of hidden gems to enable inspired living
    Email: dana@kinzzi.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Liber Health FZ-LLC

    Liber Health is a health data exchange and patient identification platform powered by blockchain and biometrics which allows healthcare stakeholders to share health information and identify patients using a biometric scans
    Email: zm@liberhealth.com
    Industry: HealthTech
  • Lidijas Kitchen FZ-LLC

    A digital media platform to produce shows, editorial content, social media marketing in the food, fashion, travel and lifestyle world.
    Email: ghassan@lidijaskitchen.com
    Industry: Digital Media
  • Lorryz FZ-LLC

    Connecting Trucks and Drivers Innovatively
    Email: skgeorge7@gmail.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • Magna Innovations FZ-LLC

    Magna innovations is a one stop shop for End to End solution of Interactive Mechatronic Products that cater to the Advertising and Marketing world ergo enhancing “people to product engagement”. Magna team comprises of
    Email: abinjacob7700@gmail.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • MEAN (Middle East Architecture Network) FZ-LLC

    MEAN* utilizes cutting edge computational design processes and digital fabrication tools like Computer Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing, AR, VR, and CNC manufacturing to leverage the quality of their architectural
    Email: riyad.joucka@gmail.com
    Industry: Architecture Design
  • Medgroup Solutions FZ-LLC

    B2B eCommerce for Medical Products
    Email: s.winter@medfind.me
    Industry: Video
  • Medysoon FZ-LLC

    Dakatra connects providers and consumers of high quality healthcare and associated services. Through different arms of expertise.  We collaborate, innovate and motivate to ensure patients, healthcare providers and
    Email: maysoon@dakatra.co.uk
    Industry: HealthTech
  • MeStar Technologies FZ-LLC

    Mestar is a digital AI coaching platform that allows users to set up their goals and to achieve them using the pre-programs chatbots interactions and get customized advice.
    Email: irina.bacaespinoza@gmail.com
    Industry: HeathTech
  • Metanoia Technologies FZ-LLC

    At Metanoia Technologies, our mission is to unlock value through data and technology. To pursue this, we build platforms to connect buyers and sellers who are currently separated geographically and financially. Our team consists
    Email: maneet@metanoiatechnologies.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • Mimic Global FZ-LLC

    MIMIC gets more of the world engaged in regular activity by creating an affordable, fun, futuristic screen based group fitness solution. 
    Email: m@mimicactive.com
    Industry: Fitness
  • MonkiBox FZ-LLC

    MonkiBox is an e-commerce platform for children products.
    Email: rana@monkibox.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Moors & Saints FZ-LLC

    Create jewelry that connects sacred spaces and promotes pluralism and tolerance. 
    Email: chamamechtaly@gmail.com
    Industry: Jewelry Design
  • Munfarid Global FZ-LLC

    Immersive AR, VR, MR Learning Platform
    Email: info@munfarid.org
    Industry: EdTech HealthTech
  • Muzmind FZ-LLC

    Offering solutions to improve wellbeing by featuring a series of guided audio content that is extracted from Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic literature and created with the help of famous scholars.
    Email: naeem@muzmind.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • MyCuris FZ-LLC

    On-demand mixed reality psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises & stress management tools in augment realty. 
    Email: hello@curis.ai
    Industry: Augmented Realty
  • MyUniPath FZ-LLC

    Central Platform for students to find, search and apply directly to Universities. We assist students find and pursue their Higher Education by providing simple and user-friendly platform that assists them with applying and
    Email: khaled.arwani@myunipath.com
    Industry: EdTech

    Media and Marketing Services
    Email: na7oagency@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Nejma FZ-LLC

    Produce personalized, unique content with celebrities 
    Email: feras.gadamsi@nejma.co
    Industry: Entertainment
  • NYXO Visionary Design FZ-LLC

    A trans-disciplinary R&D office for the development of visionary ideas in verticals of industry, architecture and interior designs
    Email: mirko@nyxostudio.com
    Industry: Design | Architecture, Interior, Industrial
  • Obodo FZ-LLC

    Obodo is free and designed to help high street business get online to serve customers in their local area.  Obodo has a fully secure checkout and payment processing built-in, to accept secure payments from
    Email: Majd@obodo.net
    Industry: Retail
  • Oceanus Infinity Algo FZ-LLC

    Oceanus Infinity Algo is a type of trading that uses software to run complex mathematical formulas for trading. It is programmed to follow a defined set of instructions to place the trades. The instructions will be defined
    Email: selvaseliyan@gmail.com
    Industry: Trading
  • Ojo Digital FZ-LLC

    A platform for graduates to connect, learn and launch their dream careers.
    Email: zainab@findyourojo.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • One and Four Studio FZ-LLC

    A Mens and Women’s wear streetwear brand that has a balance of urban style and high-end tailoring
    Email: engy@oneandfourstudio.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • Parfumery FZ-LLC

    Premium Personalized Perfumes
    Email: m.ib.a@hotmail.com
    Industry: Perfume
  • Park In FZ-LLC

    Park-In is a network of shared parking in Dubai.
    Email: contact@parkin.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • Payar Technologies FZ-LLC

    A retail m-commerce platform to link instore and online into seamless shopping experience. 
    Email: peter.roest@payar.co.uk
    Industry: Retail
  • Phoneme Technologies FZ-LLC

    Arabic and English languages solutions related identity resolution, name matching and name translation using Deep learning and NLP
    Email: hamza.alazzeh@gmail.com
    Industry: Translation
  • Photo Link FZ-LLC

    A digital platform linking photography lovers
    Email: ziyadalarfaj@ymail.com
    Industry: Photography
  • Pixaera FZ-LLC

    Learning simulations in Virtual Reality that are at least 10x more effective than lectures.
    Email: mousa@pixaera.com
    Industry: Virtual Realty
  • PlatX FZ-LLC

    Instant Messaging Platform
    Email: w.tarabih@gmail.com
    Industry: Voice Technology
  • PointCheckout FZ-LLC

    Loyalty & Reward Program for 100+ Stores
    Email: bashar@pointcheckout.com
    Industry: Loyalty Program
  • Professional Gigs FZ-LLC

    Freelancers Marketplace  
    Email: Khloud_h@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Project Cypher FZ-LLC

    One Stop Shop Cybersecurity Providers
    Email: amine.belarbi@projectcypher.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Proventeq MEA FZ-LLC

    Content Migration and Integration Platform
    Email: ajay.chauhan@proventeq.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • Qafila FZ-LLC

    Digital Freight Forwarding 
    Email: jithin.manoharan@qafila.com
    Industry: Logistics
  • Qart Solutions FZ-LLC

    Business Card and Profiling Automation
    Email: reg@qart.app
    Industry: Business IT Solution
    Expertise: Online Business Card Profiling
  • QS Monitor FZ-LLC

    Certification for Organic, Halal, Kosher, Fair Trade, Allergen Free, GMO Free Foods
    Email: burak@qsmonitor.com
    Industry: Food
  • Quanterium Blockchain Solutions FZ-LLC

    Organ Dhonor Blockchain. Patient identification and health data transfer through blockchain network which uses patient biometrics for identification, privacy and health data linkage. https://we.tl/t-qPpKzNPv1H
    Email: wassim@dhonor.org
    Industry: HealthTech
  • R and B International FZ-LLC

    Fragrance Reviews Platform
    Email: pierrelouisberrier@gmail.com
    Industry: Perfume
  • Raw Design and Build FZ-LLC

    Architecture Design, Interior Design, Product Design Remodeling and Decorating Functional Solutions
    Email: mohdoalomari@gmail.com
    Industry: Interior Design
  • Resto Guru FZ-LLC

    End-to-end marketing & technology solutions for restaurants
    Email: matt@queue.guru
    Industry: F&B
  • Run It Platform FZ-LLC

    Run It is a platform to crowdsource errands from the convenience of a mobile application.  Run It connects requesters (who are looking to outsource tasks) with runners (who are ready to work, and are
    Email: shamsa@runit.ae
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Sahaab FZ-LLC

    Cloud POS Designed for restaurant tablets, desktop, POS terminal and smart phones
    Email: dewidar@sahaab.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Sawwad FZ-LLC

    Create a digitally influential fashion universe to transform the way of promoting Middle Eastern design via AI/AR technology built around an Arabian Sci-Fi comic storyline journey through powerful illustrations, sustainability
    Email: salma@sawwad.com
    Industry: Fashion-Tech
  • Scriptdoor FZ-LLC

    Digital Publishing Library for Books and Editorials. 
    Email: jcsegal@hotmail.com
    Industry: Publishing
  • Sentient Labs FZ-LLC

    Robotics - IoT – AI for Sea Cleanup
    Email: anshul@sentientlabs.ae
    Industry: Waste Management
  • Settled FZ-LLC

    Hikayati offers personalized children’s story books
    Email: asif@setl.me
    Industry: Publishing
  • Sharek FZ-LLC

    An integrated digital education solution
    Email: george@sharek.ae
    Industry: EdTech
  • She is Arab FZ-LLC

    She is Arab is dedicated to Arab women to voice gender balance and women’s related issues. The goal of the platform is to position Arab women as inspirational role models, knowledge creators and bearers.  The
    Email: samar@sheisarab.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Shugah FZ-LLC

    A Marketplace for sweets, flowers, gifts and party supplies
    Email: farhan@shugah.co
    Industry: F&B
  • Sidr Tree Learning FZ-LLC

    We aim to strongly support parents and teachers with products, tools and programs that enable children of all ages and ethnicities to build a deep connection to their faith. We foster excellence in Islamic Education by - Creating
    Email: sadia@bismillahbuddies.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Simplifai Labs FZ-LLC

    Though we set up in in5 since Sep 2018, we launched our product Cognitive Ad Science in May 2019 and started traction since then.
    Email: sunilsivarajan@gmail.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Sindyan Educational Media FZ-LLC

    Sindyan Educational Media is an educational technology company that creates edutainment products in Arabic and in English for children between 4-9 years old. Sindyan\'s aim is to positively impact children’s development and
    Email: project.hikaya@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • SLK Middle East FZ-LLC

    eCommerce for Women’s skincare routines, men\'s grooming, and kids skin & body care touted for good ingredients and efficacy in South Korea.
    Email: mollymoon@skinlikekoreans.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Small Stuffz FZ-LLC

    An Innovative e-commerce platform for decoration and accessories with a disruptive go-to-market model.
    Email: hussam@smallstuffz.com
  • Smart Mentor FZ-LLC

    A Platform to Share Knowledge, Expertise and Time for Positive Impact
    Email: ken@smartmentor.ae
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Smartdirham FZ-LLC

    Smartdirham is a Blockchain-centric loyalty reward program. Video
    Email: yaqoubalali@gmail.com
    Industry: Loyalty Program
    Expertise: Blockchain
  • Smashi TV FZ-LLC

    Online Business Channel for the Arab World
    Email: rich@weareaugustus.com
    Industry: News
  • Soopa FZ-LLC

    Soopa is a Grocery Marketplace 
    Email: ussama@soopamarket.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Soundeals Technologies and Multimedia Solutions FZ-LLC

    Arabic Audio Platform for Voice Talent
    Email: mohandez@hotmail.com
    Industry: Entertainment, Communication
  • Spareslab FZ-LLC

    Industrial Spare Parts & Equipment
    Email: raza.mustafa@spareslab.com
    Industry: eCommerce - Spare Parts
  • Sporta FZ-LLC

    Spogo is a sports, fitness and entertainment platform to discover clubs, trainers and players, book activities of all types and organize games and events. Problem: Users: Inability to find the right venue or trainer, inefficient
    Email: hani@spogo.com
    Industry: Fitness
  • Staccato Music FZ-LLC

    STACCATO is an online music school that balances between technique and fun, by implementing the most recently developed techniques for music education. 
    Email: alexandra@yourstaccato.com
    Industry: Music
  • Stall Hunt FZ-LLC

    Stall Hunt is an online marketplace for short-term retail space and connects landlords with innovative brands, companies, designers and artists looking for space to sell. From a booth at a street fair to a shop-in-shop inside a
    Email: ahmed.alhassoni@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Starzly FZ-LLC

    An online platform connecting consumers wanting a more personal interaction with celebrities and influencers
    Email: badrmc@gmail.com
    Industry: Influencers
  • Stelyx FZ-LLC

    Create designs in structural and aerospecific engineering that will have a strong customer appeal
    Email: a.bonin.du@gmail.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • STEM HUB Solutions FZ-LLC

    An online learning platform offering STEM curricula and support services to K-12 school teachers to aid them in teaching subjects such as robotics, programming, AI and general STEM (science, technology, engineering, and
    Email: nael.alashi@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Student10x FZ-LLC

    An e-Commerce platform for students\' requirements
    Email: talatkhalil@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Supernode FZ-LLC

    Text/Voice mCommerce for Economic Opportunities  SuperNode enables search anything in own language via text or voice and discover a world of cashless economic opportunity around.  Powered by carrier billing to buy and
    Email: kamal@supernodeconsulting.com
    Industry: FinTech, Retail, Telecom
  • Sweeech Technologies FZ-LLC

    Movility/Sweech is a Peer to Peer Vehicle Rental Marketplace solving the problems of vehicle ownership costs for individuals and gaps in the vehicle rental market for consumers, business travelers, and tourists in the UAE and MENA
    Email: jafri.syed.asad@gmail.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • Swif FZ-LLC

    Discover restaurants, cafés and bars and order/pay through Swif
    Email: nader@swifapp.com
    Industry: F&B
  • Synkers FZ-LLC

    Synkers is a mobile platform that instantaneously connects students seeking help in a specific course to qualified private tutors.
    Email: audrey.nakad@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Tabby FZ-LLC

    Tabby provides consumers across the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the flexibility to pay for their online and offline purchases either in a deferred single payment or in multiple installments. Tabby is alternative to cash-on-delivery
    Email: hosam@tabby.ai
    Industry: FinTech
  • Tachy Health FZ-LLC

    AI-powered Claim Management Solution for Medical Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospitals and Clinics
    Email: osama@tachyhealth.com
    Industry: HealthTech
  • tampr Coffee Supply FZ-LLC

    Marketplace to find and enjoy the best high-quality coffees from roasters, coffee producers and independent craft coffee shops around the city.
    Email: joe@tampr.co
    Industry: F&B
  • The Assembly FZ-LLC

    Do-It-Yourself Community Workshops on the subjects of Robotics, Drones, Data Sciences, Open API, Coding.
    Email: office@theassembly.ae
    Industry: DIY
  • The Data Leap FZ-LLC

    The Data Leap digital engagement solution brings the best of bots.  Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), TDL enables fundamentally better experiences for customers and call center agents.
    Email: sophia@thedataleap.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • The Tint Design FZ-LLC

    A multidisciplinary design house for fashion and stationery products 
    Email: info@thetintdesign.com
    Industry: Design Marketplace
  • Thrive Me FZ-LLC

    Health and Wellness analy$cs for integrated corporate wellness programs with the aim of posi$vely impac$ng health insurance spend for companies.
    Email: mirka@thriveme.com
    Industry: Wellness
  • Toggle Market FZ-LLC

    Procurement Management Platform 
    Email: fuad@togglemarket.com
    Industry: Procurement
  • Toyit FZ-LLC

    A community-based classifieds platform to buy/sell/exchange/donate, babies and kids items like toys, accessories, books, clothes, gear, furniture, etc.
    Email: sdahan@toyit.today
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Tribe X Digital FZ-LLC

    Creating unique narraives tthrough Ai Powered Chatbot, Photography, Video, Virtual Realty simulations for Hospitality Sector
    Email: ak@bluepanda.me
    Industry: Content Creator
    Expertise: Chat bot, Photography, Video, Hospitality, Marketing, Virtual Reality
  • TunerStop FZ-LLC

    E-commerce website for alloy wheels and tires.
    Email: georgevarkey@tunerstop.com
    Industry: Automotive
  • Uche By Amber FZ-LLC

    Úchè means ‘idea’ in igbo, the native tongue in Nigeria (a country in West Africa).  The name represents a series of original, gender fluid and spontaneous ideas Uche will be putting forward along the way with
    Email: subasssh8@gmail.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • UnSquare Films FZ-LLC

    Motion Pictures & Film
    Email: ruchi.undevia@gmail.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • Urban Circle FZ-LLC

    UrbanCircle is an online marketplace for kids-related services such as academic tutors, sports coaches, music and arts instructors, babysitters, and nannies. Our mission is to become the leading trusted one-stop-shop for parents
    Email: banu@urbancircle.ae
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Urban Monks FZ-LLC

    Growth Marketing 
    Email: nelio@urbanmonks.io
    Industry: Advertising & Communication
  • Ushine FZ-LLC

    Partner with Hala China and TikTok, Ushine is an MCN (Multi-channel Networking) company incubating social media influencers in the Middle East region.  Ushine is a social media content creator, providing multiple digital and
    Email: rainy8love@126.com
  • VeeHive Tech FZ-LLC

    Veehive is a short form streaming platform for business to share their media content in closed groups. We\'re a SaaS B2B platform, enabling short form video to be the primary means of information sharing and learning in the
    Email: sathish.jeyakumar@gmail.com
    Industry: Media - SaaS Platform
    Expertise: Short Form Video Streaming
  • VeeHive Tech FZ-LLC

    Veehive is a short form streaming platform for business to share their media content in closed groups. We are a SaaS B2B platform, enabling short form video to be the primary means of information sharing and learning in the
    Email: sathish.jeyakumar@gmail.com
    Industry: Media Streaming
  • Viafone Technologies FZ-LLC

    VIAFONE offers cutting-edge technologies to build engaging relationships between users and brands.We realise people’s desires through personalised data-driven models.We use machine learning to create customised chatbots,
    Email: houti@viafone.com
    Industry: Chatbot
  • Walls Nation FZ-LLC

    Walls Nation is a furniture & home decor marketplace that works with many home & office specialty brands, workshops and factories that has been in the GCC Market for 15+ Years at minimum, creating bespoke designs
    Email: amr@wallsnation.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Wassan Worldwide FZ-LLC

    Live shows and content creation platform, aimed at uplifting people through meticulously crafted comedy interlaced with the application of psychological methods scientifically proven to help people reach a higher and happier state
    Email: laughitout2019@gmail.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • We Are Safe Space FZ-LLC

    Safe Space brings mental wellbeing support to the many by providing access to a wide range of international experts, through confidential affordable and transformative virtual workshops.
    Email: safespacedubai@gmail.com
    Industry: Wellness
  • We Are VR FZ-LLC

    3D, VR, AR, MR Solutions
    Email: alijaradeh@wearevr.me
    Industry: Virtual Realty
  • Wedo Media FZ-LLC

    Inspirational Videos of Arab World Startups and Innovators
    Email: farid@creatineme.com
    Industry: Video
  • Wekeep FZ-LLC

    WeKeep is an all-in-one accounting, payroll and expense claims software and service.
    Email: info@wekeep.co
    Industry: FinTech

    A tech-enabled logistics provider for cross-border shipping solutions. Like delivering to Saudi Arabia and more countries to come.
    Email: wissam@wimo.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • WriteCaliber Technologies FZ-LLC

    A Content Technology company offering a Media & Expert network, Curated news, and original content production.  Still in soft launch stage.
    Email: samer@writecaliber.com
    Industry: Internet and Multimedia
  • Xasgo Technologies FZ-LLC

    Xasgo is a sales & merchandising provides plug and play tools for brands & wholesale distributors.  This includes Digitalize the store audit process, Digitalize the Van sales, Geo Tagging, and many more
    Email: shafeek@xasgo.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Ydawi Online FZ-LLC

    An ecommerce marketplace for handmade and homemade products connecting enabling Makers to manage and promote their handcrafts and art online to their niche customers.
    Email: mohammed@ydawi.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Yovza Technologies FZ-LLC

    Digitize and simplify construction operational workflows to save execution time and track real-time progress
    Email: madantfc@gmail.com
    Industry: Construction
  • Ziina FZ-LLC

    Peer-To-Peer Payment App
    Email: faisal@ziina.com
    Industry: FinTech
  • Znera Space Lab FZ-LLC

    ZN | Era The Dubai architectural office designs places that offer special spatial experiences.
    Industry: Interior Design
  • Zofeur FZ-LLC

    Zofeur is on-demand “PAY-PER-MINUTE” chauffeur services platform. Using state-of-the-art technology together with the network of professionally trained drivers, Zofeur enables you to book drivers (in real time) per
    Email: buntyy@live.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • ZoomVenues FZ-LLC

    Events and Work Venue Bookings and relevant Services
    Email: shilpanayyar2001@yahoo.co.in
    Industry: Marketplace