• Depoter FZ-LLC

    Depoter is a tech company that stores inventory in its dark stores and pick, pack and deliver online orders for direct to consumers (D2C) brands and e-commerce platforms. Our mission is to provide deliveries in 2 hours, same day
    Email: nikhil@depoter.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Desert Control Middle East FZ-LLC

    Making Deserts Green with Patented Nano Technology
    Email: atle@desertcontrol.com
    Industry: Sustainability Agriculture
  • Dezzex Technologies FZ-LLC

    Dezzex is an insurtech platform making use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate motor insurance claims. Using AI to improve insurance processes and reduce operational cost and enabling
    Email: shahid@dezzex.com
    Industry: Automobile
    Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Diligend FZ-LLC

    Investment and Operational Due Diligence 
    Email: wsouissi@diligend.com
    Industry: FinTech
  • Dimension 14 FZ-LLC

    AI-driven platform and plug-in API to solve scheduling, forecasting and prediction problems with an easy, secure and affordable way.
    Email: melda@d14.ai
    Industry: HealthTech
    Expertise: Healthcare. Logistics. Fitness. Wellness.
  • Direct Buy Tech FZ-LLC

    B2B eCommerce platform for Small & Medium businesses in Retail, Grocery, Restaurants, and Food sector.
    Email: adnan@dxbuy.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Dolphinuz Internet Marketing Solutions FZ-LLC

    With Dolphinus, you can communicate and contract with an increasing number of influencers and content makers to promote your services and products easily and in simple steps such as 1 + 1 = 2
    Email: m@dolphinuz.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Doppelganger Design FZ-LLC

    Fashion Designer - Clothes and Accessories
    Email: rimishha@outlook.com
    Industry: Fashion Designer
  • Double Two Marketing FZ-LLC

    @doubleTWO.dxb · Internet Marketing Service for businesses with low budget for advertising companies and startup projects that cannot afford expensive advertising and mainly want to target Russian-speaking audiences.
    Email: dubai.double2@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Draws Tech FZ-LLC

    AI Based Happiness Indicator
    Email: contact@draws.ae
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • DreamFetch FZ-LLC

    A peer-to-peer platform linking shoppers and travelers
    Email: haider@dreamfetch.com
    Industry: Retail