• Ehalah FZ-LLC

    We’re on the journey of finding PMF. We’ve launched the product and are making iterations.
    Email: neelshah@hotmail.co.uk
    Industry: Human Resource
  • Eiada Technologies FZ-LLC

    EIADA is a mobile application that provides health services from the comforts of your home. EIADA connects patients with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals for a variety of healthcare services, including medical
    Email: alinaqiansari.91@gmail.com
    Industry: HealthTech
  • Ek Laboratory FZ-LLC

    EK LABORATORY is a digital communications agency, offering content production, PR and brand consulting for fashion, design and lifestyle businesses. EK LABORATORY brings together an analytical approach with creative
    Email: jelizaveta@eklaboratory.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Elephant Live FZ-LLC

    Live production and streaming company specializing in engaging marketing assets.
    Email: bogdan@lfnt.live
    Industry: Production and Streaming
  • EnergyExpert FZ-LLC

    EnergyExpert is an online platform where energy industry companies discover and learn about the products & services most applicable to their needs
    Email: elias@energyexpert.me
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Ensosoft Middle East FZ-LLC

    A provider of advanced engineering solutions for the upstream & midstream oil & gas industry
    Email: noor@ensosoft.com
    Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Erfa eCommerce Solutions FZ-LLC

    Edfa3 is a mobile first social-commerce platform that provides the technology and tools for selling products through social media and social networking channels. We are introducing a concept call social commerce to the UAE which
    Email: salman@edfa3.company
    Industry: FinTech
  • Estasheer FZ-LLC

    Estasheer is a global network of qualified consultants with deep functional and sector expertise with a mission to make top-tier consulting more accessible, flexible and affordable, and to enable value creation for a wider segment
    Email: tanja@estasheer.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Evamotion FZ-LLC

    Corporate and Animation Video Content
    Email: evaldasvilius@gmail.com
    Industry: Video
  • eWhale eCommerce FZ-LLC

    Cross Border eCommerce for manufacturers and suppliers 
    Email: salim@searchinmena.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Expin FZ-LLC

    An Influencer Network for Exclusive Free Experiences at Hotels and Restaurants.
    Email: feras@expin.com
    Industry: Hospitality