• Gigecoin By Pay FZ-LLC

    A decentralized platform with zero commission fee for connecting freelancers with jobs. Enterprise-Grade Mobile app for Hirer, Hiree & Companies.
    Email: daramola@gigecoin.com
    Industry: Human Resource
  • GoGlokal FZ-LLC

    An online marketplace connecting makers of all handmade, craft & local products with customers shopping for everyday items that are unique & trendy. 
    Email: infoglokal@gmail.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Gorilla Rolls FZ-LLC

    Sport gear distribution, specialized in Jiu-Jitsu gear and apparel. Our main product is finger-tapes that helps athletes prevent finger injuries. 
    Email: Gorilla.Rolls1@gmail.com
    Industry: Sportswear
  • Greener Crop FZ-LLC

    Greener Crop was founded with the mission to enable Vertical Farming in the Middle East and Africa. ​ As Hydroponic Farming technology becomes more readily available and deployable, Greener Crop is developing an ecosystem to
    Email: alexander@greenercrop.com
    Industry: AgriTech
  • Grub Tech FZ-LLC

    Powered by AI, GrubTech is a next generation platform for restaurants to thrive in the online world for seamless, real-time discovery of data and efficient implementation.  GrubTech\'s data-driven approach is focused on
    Email: moe@grubtech.com
    Industry: F&B
  • GuideMighty FZ-LLC

    GuideMighty has been developed based on findings and research conducted by leading institutions including Gallup, Korn Ferry, Harvard, Forbes and Deloitte. Studies were conducted with more than 1.8 million employees.  The
    Email: diana@gotutoroo.com
    Industry: Human Resource