• IBG Research FZ-LLC

    A Design firm, creating products incorporating latest machine learning, and product technologies to make life easier for users. The core belief and idea is how to improve quality of life, without exhorbitant costs. Gives us a wide
    Email: manish.sansi@ibgresearch.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • Ingeniodata FZ-LLC

    Indoor Navigation Wayfinding.  Contact Tracing. Social Distancing Solutions.
    Email: filip@ingeniodata.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Inphota FZ-LLC

    Inphota facilitates the collection of market research and audience data at live experiences through photography - providing event organizers with the tools calculate ROI, better understand and effectively communicate with their
    Email: andrew@inphota.com
    Industry: Marketing
  • Instorya FZ-LLC

    Photo Book made Simple
    Email: uaeteam@instorya.ae
    Industry: Photo Market
  • ITB Commerce FZ-LLC

    Create your own online store with ITBStores and sell your products on cross channels like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Noon.com and other marketplaces. Whether you sell online, on social media or in-store, ITBStores has you
    Email: shoaib@itbvision.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • ITB Commerce FZ-LLC

    ITB Commerce, is an Open SaaS eCommerce solution with integrated tools that enable businesses to Build, Sell, and Grow Online. This unified platform support vendors to sell wherever their customers are, online, in-person,
    Email: shoaib@itbvision.com
    Industry: eCommerce
    Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Augmented Reality
  • Itlaq FZ-LLC

    A Remote Network of A-Team to resolve company challenges
    Email: emilioparente@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace