• Magna Innovations FZ-LLC

    Magna innovations is a one stop shop for End to End solution of Interactive Mechatronic Products that cater to the Advertising and Marketing world ergo enhancing “people to product engagement”. Magna team comprises of
    Email: abinjacob7700@gmail.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • MEAN (Middle East Architecture Network) FZ-LLC

    MEAN* utilizes cutting edge computational design processes and digital fabrication tools like Computer Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing, AR, VR, and CNC manufacturing to leverage the quality of their architectural
    Email: riyad.joucka@gmail.com
    Industry: Architecture Design
  • Medgroup Solutions FZ-LLC

    B2B eCommerce for Medical Products
    Email: s.winter@medfind.me
    Industry: Video
  • Medysoon FZ-LLC

    Dakatra connects providers and consumers of high quality healthcare and associated services. Through different arms of expertise.  We collaborate, innovate and motivate to ensure patients, healthcare providers and
    Email: maysoon@dakatra.co.uk
    Industry: HealthTech
  • MeStar Technologies FZ-LLC

    Mestar is a digital AI coaching platform that allows users to set up their goals and to achieve them using the pre-programs chatbots interactions and get customized advice.
    Email: irina.bacaespinoza@gmail.com
    Industry: HeathTech
  • Metanoia Technologies FZ-LLC

    At Metanoia Technologies, our mission is to unlock value through data and technology. To pursue this, we build platforms to connect buyers and sellers who are currently separated geographically and financially. Our team consists
    Email: maneet@metanoiatechnologies.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • Mimic Global FZ-LLC

    MIMIC gets more of the world engaged in regular activity by creating an affordable, fun, futuristic screen based group fitness solution. 
    Email: m@mimicactive.com
    Industry: Fitness
  • MonkiBox FZ-LLC

    MonkiBox is an e-commerce platform for children products.
    Email: rana@monkibox.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Moors & Saints FZ-LLC

    Create jewelry that connects sacred spaces and promotes pluralism and tolerance. 
    Email: chamamechtaly@gmail.com
    Industry: Jewelry Design
  • Munfarid Global FZ-LLC

    Immersive AR, VR, MR Learning Platform
    Email: info@munfarid.org
    Industry: EdTech HealthTech
  • Muzmind FZ-LLC

    Offering solutions to improve wellbeing by featuring a series of guided audio content that is extracted from Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic literature and created with the help of famous scholars.
    Email: naeem@muzmind.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • MyCuris FZ-LLC

    On-demand mixed reality psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises & stress management tools in augment realty. 
    Email: hello@curis.ai
    Industry: Augmented Realty
  • MyUniPath FZ-LLC

    Central Platform for students to find, search and apply directly to Universities. We assist students find and pursue their Higher Education by providing simple and user-friendly platform that assists them with applying and
    Email: khaled.arwani@myunipath.com
    Industry: EdTech