• Obodo FZ-LLC

    Obodo is free and designed to help high street business get online to serve customers in their local area.  Obodo has a fully secure checkout and payment processing built-in, to accept secure payments from
    Email: Majd@obodo.net
    Industry: Retail
  • Oceanus Infinity Algo FZ-LLC

    Oceanus Infinity Algo is a type of trading that uses software to run complex mathematical formulas for trading. It is programmed to follow a defined set of instructions to place the trades. The instructions will be defined
    Email: selvaseliyan@gmail.com
    Industry: Trading
  • Ojo Digital FZ-LLC

    A platform for graduates to connect, learn and launch their dream careers.
    Email: zainab@findyourojo.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • One and Four Studio FZ-LLC

    A Mens and Women’s wear streetwear brand that has a balance of urban style and high-end tailoring
    Email: engy@oneandfourstudio.com
    Industry: Fashion
  • Ourea FZ-LLC

    Wealth Management OneView Platform
    Email: james@oureasystems.com
    Industry: FinTech