• Parfumery FZ-LLC

    Premium Personalized Perfumes
    Email: m.ib.a@hotmail.com
    Industry: Perfume
  • Park In FZ-LLC

    Park-In is a network of shared parking in Dubai.
    Email: contact@parkin.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • Payar Technologies FZ-LLC

    A retail m-commerce platform to link instore and online into seamless shopping experience. 
    Email: peter.roest@payar.co.uk
    Industry: Retail
  • Phoneme Technologies FZ-LLC

    Arabic and English languages solutions related identity resolution, name matching and name translation using Deep learning and NLP
    Email: hamza.alazzeh@gmail.com
    Industry: Translation
  • Photo Link FZ-LLC

    A digital platform linking photography lovers
    Email: ziyadalarfaj@ymail.com
    Industry: Photography
  • Pixaera FZ-LLC

    Learning simulations in Virtual Reality that are at least 10x more effective than lectures.
    Email: mousa@pixaera.com
    Industry: Virtual Realty
  • PlatX FZ-LLC

    Instant Messaging Platform
    Email: w.tarabih@gmail.com
    Industry: Voice Technology
  • PointCheckout FZ-LLC

    Loyalty & Reward Program for 100+ Stores
    Email: bashar@pointcheckout.com
    Industry: Loyalty Program
  • Professional Gigs FZ-LLC

    Freelancers Marketplace  
    Email: Khloud_h@hotmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Project Cypher FZ-LLC

    One Stop Shop Cybersecurity Providers
    Email: amine.belarbi@projectcypher.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Proventeq MEA FZ-LLC

    Content Migration and Integration Platform
    Email: ajay.chauhan@proventeq.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution