• Sahaab FZ-LLC

    Cloud POS Designed for restaurant tablets, desktop, POS terminal and smart phones
    Email: dewidar@sahaab.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Sawwad FZ-LLC

    Create a digitally influential fashion universe to transform the way of promoting Middle Eastern design via AI/AR technology built around an Arabian Sci-Fi comic storyline journey through powerful illustrations, sustainability
    Email: salma@sawwad.com
    Industry: Fashion-Tech
  • Scriptdoor FZ-LLC

    Digital Publishing Library for Books and Editorials. 
    Email: jcsegal@hotmail.com
    Industry: Publishing
  • Sentient Labs FZ-LLC

    Robotics - IoT – AI for Sea Cleanup
    Email: anshul@sentientlabs.ae
    Industry: Waste Management
  • Sharek FZ-LLC

    An integrated digital education solution
    Email: george@sharek.ae
    Industry: EdTech
  • She is Arab FZ-LLC

    She is Arab is dedicated to Arab women to voice gender balance and women’s related issues. The goal of the platform is to position Arab women as inspirational role models, knowledge creators and bearers.  The
    Email: samar@sheisarab.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Shugah FZ-LLC

    A Marketplace for sweets, flowers, gifts and party supplies
    Email: farhan@shugah.co
    Industry: F&B
  • Sidr Tree Learning FZ-LLC

    We aim to strongly support parents and teachers with products, tools and programs that enable children of all ages and ethnicities to build a deep connection to their faith. We foster excellence in Islamic Education by - Creating
    Email: sadia@bismillahbuddies.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Simplifai Labs FZ-LLC

    Though we set up in in5 since Sep 2018, we launched our product Cognitive Ad Science in May 2019 and started traction since then.
    Email: sunilsivarajan@gmail.com
    Industry: Retail
  • Sindyan Educational Media FZ-LLC

    Sindyan Educational Media is an educational technology company that creates edutainment products in Arabic and in English for children between 4-9 years old. Sindyan\'s aim is to positively impact children’s development and
    Email: project.hikaya@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • SLK Middle East FZ-LLC

    eCommerce for Women’s skincare routines, men\'s grooming, and kids skin & body care touted for good ingredients and efficacy in South Korea.
    Email: mollymoon@skinlikekoreans.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Smart Mentor FZ-LLC

    A Platform to Share Knowledge, Expertise and Time for Positive Impact
    Email: ken@smartmentor.ae
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Smartdirham FZ-LLC

    Smartdirham is a Blockchain-centric loyalty reward program. Video
    Email: yaqoubalali@gmail.com
    Industry: Loyalty Program
    Expertise: Blockchain
  • Smashi TV FZ-LLC

    Online Business Channel for the Arab World
    Email: rich@weareaugustus.com
    Industry: News
  • Soopa FZ-LLC

    Soopa is a Grocery Marketplace 
    Email: ussama@soopamarket.com
    Industry: eCommerce
  • Soundeals Technologies and Multimedia Solutions FZ-LLC

    Arabic Audio Platform for Voice Talent
    Email: mohandez@hotmail.com
    Industry: Entertainment, Communication
  • Spareslab FZ-LLC

    Industrial Spare Parts & Equipment
    Email: raza.mustafa@spareslab.com
    Industry: eCommerce - Spare Parts
  • Sporta FZ-LLC

    Spogo is a sports, fitness and entertainment platform to discover clubs, trainers and players, book activities of all types and organize games and events. Problem: Users: Inability to find the right venue or trainer, inefficient
    Email: hani@spogo.com
    Industry: Fitness
  • Staccato Music FZ-LLC

    STACCATO is an online music school that balances between technique and fun, by implementing the most recently developed techniques for music education. 
    Email: alexandra@yourstaccato.com
    Industry: Music
  • Stall Hunt FZ-LLC

    Stall Hunt is an online marketplace for short-term retail space and connects landlords with innovative brands, companies, designers and artists looking for space to sell. From a booth at a street fair to a shop-in-shop inside a
    Email: ahmed.alhassoni@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Starzly FZ-LLC

    An online platform connecting consumers wanting a more personal interaction with celebrities and influencers
    Email: badrmc@gmail.com
    Industry: Influencers
  • Stelyx FZ-LLC

    Create designs in structural and aerospecific engineering that will have a strong customer appeal
    Email: a.bonin.du@gmail.com
    Industry: Product Designing
  • STEM HUB Solutions FZ-LLC

    An online learning platform offering STEM curricula and support services to K-12 school teachers to aid them in teaching subjects such as robotics, programming, AI and general STEM (science, technology, engineering, and
    Email: nael.alashi@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech
  • Student10x FZ-LLC

    An e-Commerce platform for students\' requirements
    Email: talatkhalil@gmail.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Studio Avviso FZ-LLC

    Studio Avviso is a multi-dimensional new media startup that is behind a brand-new media product focused on the emerging tech ecosystems in the Middle East and Africa, and a slew of media projects and consulting services for
    Email: ankush@avviso.me
    Industry: Content Creator
  • Supernode FZ-LLC

    Text/Voice mCommerce for Economic Opportunities  SuperNode enables search anything in own language via text or voice and discover a world of cashless economic opportunity around.  Powered by carrier billing to buy and
    Email: kamal@supernodeconsulting.com
    Industry: FinTech, Retail, Telecom
  • Sweeech Technologies FZ-LLC

    Movility/Sweech is a Peer to Peer Vehicle Rental Marketplace solving the problems of vehicle ownership costs for individuals and gaps in the vehicle rental market for consumers, business travelers, and tourists in the UAE and MENA
    Email: jafri.syed.asad@gmail.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • Swif FZ-LLC

    Discover restaurants, cafés and bars and order/pay through Swif
    Email: nader@swifapp.com
    Industry: F&B
  • Synkers FZ-LLC

    Synkers is a mobile platform that instantaneously connects students seeking help in a specific course to qualified private tutors.
    Email: audrey.nakad@gmail.com
    Industry: EdTech