• Tabby FZ-LLC

    Tabby provides consumers across the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the flexibility to pay for their online and offline purchases either in a deferred single payment or in multiple installments. Tabby is alternative to cash-on-delivery
    Email: hosam@tabby.ai
    Industry: FinTech
  • Tachy Health FZ-LLC

    AI-powered Claim Management Solution for Medical Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospitals and Clinics
    Email: osama@tachyhealth.com
    Industry: HealthTech
  • tampr Coffee Supply FZ-LLC

    Marketplace to find and enjoy the best high-quality coffees from roasters, coffee producers and independent craft coffee shops around the city.
    Email: joe@tampr.co
    Industry: F&B
  • The Assembly FZ-LLC

    Do-It-Yourself Community Workshops on the subjects of Robotics, Drones, Data Sciences, Open API, Coding.
    Email: office@theassembly.ae
    Industry: DIY
  • The Data Leap FZ-LLC

    The Data Leap digital engagement solution brings the best of bots.  Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), TDL enables fundamentally better experiences for customers and call center agents.
    Email: sophia@thedataleap.com
    Industry: Business IT Solution
  • The Tint Design FZ-LLC

    A multidisciplinary design house for fashion and stationery products 
    Email: info@thetintdesign.com
    Industry: Design Marketplace
  • Thrive Me FZ-LLC

    Health and Wellness analy$cs for integrated corporate wellness programs with the aim of posi$vely impac$ng health insurance spend for companies.
    Email: mirka@thriveme.com
    Industry: Wellness
  • Toc Solutions FZ-LLC

    Truck Booking Simplified!! Connecting Drivers Managed!!! Delivery Route Tracked!!!!
    Email: raihan@webuae.com
    Industry: Transportation
  • Toggle Market FZ-LLC

    Procurement Management Platform 
    Email: fuad@togglemarket.com
    Industry: Procurement
  • Toyit FZ-LLC

    A community-based classifieds platform to buy/sell/exchange/donate, babies and kids items like toys, accessories, books, clothes, gear, furniture, etc.
    Email: sdahan@toyit.today
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Tribe X Digital FZ-LLC

    Creating unique narraives tthrough Ai Powered Chatbot, Photography, Video, Virtual Realty simulations for Hospitality Sector
    Email: ak@bluepanda.me
    Industry: Content Creator
    Expertise: Chat bot, Photography, Video, Hospitality, Marketing, Virtual Reality
  • TunerStop FZ-LLC

    E-commerce website for alloy wheels and tires.
    Email: georgevarkey@tunerstop.com
    Industry: Automotive