• Walls Nation FZ-LLC

    Walls Nation is a furniture & home decor marketplace that works with many home & office specialty brands, workshops and factories that has been in the GCC Market for 15+ Years at minimum, creating bespoke designs
    Email: amr@wallsnation.com
    Industry: Marketplace
  • Wassan Worldwide FZ-LLC

    Live shows and content creation platform, aimed at uplifting people through meticulously crafted comedy interlaced with the application of psychological methods scientifically proven to help people reach a higher and happier state
    Email: laughitout2019@gmail.com
    Industry: Content Creator
  • We Are Safe Space FZ-LLC

    Safe Space brings mental wellbeing support to the many by providing access to a wide range of international experts, through confidential affordable and transformative virtual workshops.
    Email: safespacedubai@gmail.com
    Industry: Wellness
  • We Are VR FZ-LLC

    3D, VR, AR, MR Solutions
    Email: alijaradeh@wearevr.me
    Industry: Virtual Realty
  • Wedo Media FZ-LLC

    Inspirational Videos of Arab World Startups and Innovators
    Email: farid@creatineme.com
    Industry: Video
  • Wekeep FZ-LLC

    WeKeep is an all-in-one accounting, payroll and expense claims software and service.
    Email: info@wekeep.co
    Industry: FinTech

    A tech-enabled logistics provider for cross-border shipping solutions. Like delivering to Saudi Arabia and more countries to come.
    Email: wissam@wimo.ae
    Industry: Transportation
  • WriteCaliber Technologies FZ-LLC

    A Content Technology company offering a Media & Expert network, Curated news, and original content production.  Still in soft launch stage.
    Email: samer@writecaliber.com
    Industry: Internet and Multimedia